Wednesday, 19 December 2012


When a series of disasters hit California, the former Titan Lilith realised these were not natural in their origin. At this time Lilith was living on the West Coast of America with her Boy Friend the Cave Boy Gnarrk.  She was still in contact with her former beau Don Hall and his brother Hank,  better known as both former Titans Dove & Hawk.

Using her mental powers she gathered together a team of her own, who was dubbed  The Teen Titans West.

The line up of the  New Team consisted of Lilith, Gnarrk, Hawk, Dove, and 3 other Teen Heroes. These three were not former Teen Titans, but ones was a close "Friend" of the Boy Wonder, one was a Rejected Titan and the third was a newly emerged Hero.

LILITH, with beauty in Mind and Soul 
GNARRK ....The Tamed Teen aged Cave Man

HAWK & DOVE, brothers with apposing views.

Next time I will give some more info on the other New Members of the  New Teen Titans Team.


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