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Alfred Pennyworth's history regarding Bat-man is a little bit complicated. This depends on which of this characters back story you want to accept. He is an English Man through and through, who has had a exciting life as a war hero and a member of British Intelligence.
Alfred, Bat-Man's right hand man

Originally the character of Alfred was introduced into the Bat-man comics in 1943. He was originally introduced at add a comic element into the Bat-Man Comic stories. His origin was nothing more than an English Butler who looked after Bruce Wayne and his Ward Richard Grayson, coming into their lives long after Bruce had become BAT-MAN and Dick had become ROBIN. This meant that He did not know that his Master Bruce was indeed The Bat-man. However this all changed when Alfred discovered the secret entrance to the Bat Cave, and would go on to be the unofficial third member of the Dynamic Duo.

Alfred finds the secret entrance to the BAT- CAVE

This history would be slightly changed many years later when it was decided that Alfred would have been the Wayne Family's Butler at the time that young Bruce's parents were murdered. And this allowed the character to be more of a "Uncle" and Guardian of the Young Bruce Wayne.

This meant that he helped guide and advise Master Bruce all through his young life, and would be his Father, Friend, Adviser etc during Bruce's decision to become the BAT-MAN.  Although Alfred did not approve of this dangerous life, he accepted that this was what Bruce, Needed to do to give him a sense of purpose.

This change in original history made Alfred a more central player in the BAT-MAN Family, as his character now pre dated the arrival of Dick Grayson and ROBIN.

What Alfred does for Bruce Wayne, he does out of love and devotion to the memory of Bruce's deceased parents, who saw him as someone more than just an employee...... he was part of their Family.

These days Alfred spends his time assisting his young Master in both his identities as Millionaire Businessman Bruce Wayne, and his nocturnal alter ego BAT-MAN
Alfred bringing refreshment to his Masters and their Mutt

If he is not polishing the silver up in Wayne Manor, he came be found down in the Bat Cave polishing the Bat-Mobile.

He is a master of many trades, which he uses to aid his master Bruce.

In the 1950's and early 1960's when Alfred had  spare time he would put pen to paper and write imaginative stories to entertain Bruce and Dick.  Next time we will have a look at what difference that made to the BAT-MAN FAMILY and the NEXT GENERATION

Until then ENJOY !

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