Saturday, 16 July 2011


Over the years the Fur-tastic Four have had members come and go,  but in the end the original line up always came back together again.

However, When Jaw-nee Storm , aka HOT DOG, the CANINE TORCH gave his life to save the world from being over run by beings from the NEGATIVE ZONE.... the Three remaining members decided to pull the plug on the FUR-TASTIC FOUR FOREVER.

Mr FUR-TASTIC, The INVISIBLE POOCH & The HAIRY THING knew that the world needed them and their amazing cosmic puppy powers..... but they decided that their way of working needed to change.

Where in the past the FF would be there to fight and protect the planet Earth from whatever menace was attacking that week,  Mr Fur-tastic believed that the way forward was not to be reactive to threats and danger..... the FF needed to be proactive and stop problems before they happened.

That is why he and the rest of the team set up a THINK TANK based at the Barker Building.  Their aim to solve problems..... and prevent disasters.   The members ship included some of the most intelligent minds in the world, along with some radical thinkers, some of which were vill-hounds.

They decided to call the unit THE FURRY FOUNDATION.

As well as solving problems, the NEW FF knew that they needed to have a strong fighting force available to tackle threats.  Used to working as a quartet, the place of the fallen Canine Torch was suggested by the late Jaw-nee Storm himself ! .  He hoped that it would never happen, but  Jaw-nee  recorded a message to his SISTER - TZU SHUH (sue), his BROTHER IN LAW - LEAD & his BEST FRIEND  -  BONE.... asking them to enlist the Help of SPIDER PUP as his replacement following his DEATH.

The Furry Foundation asked PETER BARKER....aka The SPIDER PUP to join their new team, and he accepted to honour his fallen friend and HERO HOUND..... THE CANINE TORCH

That's the end of this look at the changing face of the First Family of the MUTT-VELL Universe. Whether we will see the Flaming Fur  of the Canine Torch again is unsure, but until that time we can continue to enjoy the adventure of the new FF..... THE FURRY FOUNDATION.


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