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The next person offered member ship came as a result of nearly all the Mutt-Vel Comic characters being kidnapped and used by the Universal Power known as The Bey-hounder. The Bey-Hounder wanted to understand Canine Life, and so played games to learn what makes canines good or evil.

The Fan-tastic Four, along with the Avenging Hounds, The X-MUTTS  and most of the New Yorkie based super mutts were drawn to Central Park where a big arena had appeared.  Walking through the doors all of the Hero Hound ended up transported to Battle World on the other side of the Universe And whilst there they were made to fight a lot of Vill-Hounds ( also kiddnapped by the Bey-Hounder)  like Dog-Tor DOOM, Amut-tor The Enchantress, the Robotic Ult-Hound and Fang the Conqueror to name a few. This became known as the Secret Woofie Wars

Tzu Shuh (sue) Richards remained at the Barker Building and did not join the others, as she was expecting her second Puppy at this time.

The Hero Hounds remained on Battle World for many months and when they finally returned to Earth  BUT  one hero remained on Battle World . This was BONE GRIMM the HAIRY THING.  Whilst on Battle World Bone had gained the ability to change from Hairy Thing to plan canine Bone Grimm at will.  Mr Fur-tastic informed Bone that this ability was an effect of the planet, and once he returned to earth he again would be the Hairy Thing forever more. Bone decided to stay on Battle World whilst he decided where his future was. going.......  Bone Grimm or the Hairy Thing


Lead Richards and Jaw-nee Storm were happy for Bone to remain, but they wondered what or who could replace him on the Team.

The answer was simple, and Bone had already found his replacement.  A person of equal strength and power, a person that they had spent many months fighting along side. This was the Avenging Hound called the SHE - HOUNDED HULK !

JEN-SNIFFER WATERBOWL was the cousin of one DR BRUCE BONER aka The Incredible Hounded Hulk.  The SHE-HOUNDED HULK was "born"   after JEN-SNIFFER had her life saved by  a blood transfusion from Bruce's own Gamma Irradiated Blood.

Unlike the Bruce, who when he became the Hounded Hulk his personality was replaced by an angry and sometimes child like being..... The She-Hounded Hulk had mostly Jen-sniffer's mind, but not her timidness or moral and reserved standards.  At first she was treated as a threat like the Hounded Hulk, but over time she was seen as a hero.  Where Bruce would change to his green alter ego when threaten, Jen-sniffer remained in her SHE- HOUNDED HULK form most of the time.  In the end she hated being plain weak Jen-sniffer, and opted to be Green Jen-sniffer at all times.

Jen joined the FF and was with them for many years, when Bone Grim finally came home from battle world he did not rejoin the FF straight away.   In his absence Jaw-nee and A-leasher, Bone's Girlfriend had fallen in love. for Bone being around the two lovers was not easy, so the Hairy Thing spent time clobbering for the West Coast Branch of The Avenging Hounds..   Jaw-nee would marry A-leasher, but the bride did not turn out to be WHO Jaw-nee or The FF thought she was. ( More of this story at a later date)

The She-Hounded Hulk would finally leave the FF and return to the Avenging Hounds allowing The Hairy Thing to return to the FUR-TASTIC FOUR again. The family was complete again.  But "AUNTIE JEN-SNIFFER" was always on call if the FF needed her.

The FF were back together again.     BUT like all good things this did not last. Next time I will tell you about when not  one but TWO members of the FF decided to leave.


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