Friday, 15 July 2011


The New Fur-tastic Four team were a success. Both Crys-tails and Ms Mutt-vell worked well along side the Canine Torch and The Hairy Thing   BUT things were soon to change.

Both Bone Grimm, The Hairy Thing and Shar-hound Vent-terrier, Ms Mutt-vell got exposed to cosmic rays, the same type that had given the Fur-tastic Four their puppy powers originally. 

Bone Grimm mutated further, he became even more rockier. He was also larger and much much stronger.   He was not happy to be even more of a Monster than he had already been, but he could accept the change.... as this had been his life for many years..... all orange and rocky.

The same could not be said for poor Ms Mutt-vell.  She mutated and ended up looking like the Hairy Thing.... more like how Bone Grimm had looked when her first became the Hairy Thing.

Bone tried to help Shar-hound to  deal with her transformation, which she did up to a point.  He convinced her that they both should stay on the team, and he would aid her in her search for a cure for her condition.

The New New Look Fur-tastic Four continued to fight the good fight. Ms Mutt-vell was continuing to mutant, until she looked more like how Bone did before his last mutation.  

Although Shar-hound was still officially MS MUTT-VELL, the press started to call her The HAIRY SHE-THING.

Crys-tails soon decided to leave the team, as she had made a few advances towards Jaw-nee that had not been returned.  She told Jaw-nee she still loved him, but as he was now married to A-leasher, she did not want to break up his marriage.... so she returned to the In-canine City located on the Moon to see if she could not patch up her own failed marriage.

Around this time, Mr-Fur-tastic and Wife The Invisible Pooch returned to the Fur-tastic Four feeling that their life was not complete trying to play happy families in the suburbs.

The team remained a fivesome for a few weeks until during a battle with the Frightful Fur Bone Grimm was transformed into his normal canine form.... a Hairy Thing no more !

The HAIRY SHE-THING was able to continue on the team for the time being adding the need might to the team.

Bone would later become The Hairy Thing again, and after a cure for Shar-hound failed she decided to leave the FF and became a recluse.

The original team was back together again..... and stayed that way for many months.


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