Saturday, 2 July 2011


Bark Spector was the son of a Jewish Rabbi who shyed away from his fathers religious teachings.  He joined the army marine corp at a young age where he learnt the skills of warfare and how to fight. He was a keen boxer and used all of his spare time honing his fighting skills.  He found he was also a dab hand at all forms of Martial arts.

When Bark left the army he was drawn into the life of a mercenary, and during one of his missions became injured and was left for dead.

As he lay dieing he was visited by an ancient Egyptian Dog called SNIFFOU. The Dog Sniffou offered Bark a second chance at life if he became his champion on Earth. 

Bark accept this offer, and became the Moon Bite . Sniffou would endow Bark with enhanced abilities to help him fight evil in the name of Sniffou.

Over the years Bark Spector has adopted different identities to help him find out information. In the beginning all these identities were nothing more than disguises, but soon each of his identities started to have a life and personality of their own.  These split personalities all lived together in Bark's head and could cause him problems with mental issues at times.

These days he tends to be Bark Spector, as he seems to have killed off the other people living inside his head...... Hopefully this will be perminent , However, he will never know if one day one  of his alter egos  decides to pop in for a visit again.

He like a lot of  Mutt-vill heroes likes to operate as a Lone Wolf,  however the Moon Bite has recently become one of the SECRET AVENGING HOUNDS where he seems to enjoy working along side others.

For now he is content to be Bark Spector, The Moon Bite, who fights for Truth, Justice and the Sniffou way.


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