Thursday, 21 July 2011


After a run in with the Vill-Hound  named The Licking Laser, Simm-Hound Wailling-Hounds found himself back in the land of the living once again.

Much had happened in the years he was in his death like coma, and one of the shocks he had was that The Artificial Robotic Mutt The Viz-Hound had been created using his own brain patterns... and in some respect he was like a brother to him, whilst  his real Brother had now become the EVIL Grim Reap-Paw. He soon was offered membership to the Avenging Hounds after spending a time as a UNOFFICIAL team mate.

Brother Ear-ache would soon return into Simm-hound's life. Happy that his little brother was still alive, Ear-ache. aka the GRIM REAP-PAW decided that Wonder-dawg should help him destroy the Mockery that was The Viz-hound.  Simm-hound refused and ended up protecting the Viz-Hound from his mad brother.  During the fight Simm-hound revealed to his brother the Grim- Reap-paw that even him himself was not the same person he had been before becoming the WONDER DAWG.  The effect of the original procedure and the time spent in his death like sleep had allowed his body to change and develop. He was no longer Fully Canine, he was now a being composed of pure IONIC energy.

This enraged the Reap-paw who then decided that nether The WONDER DAWG or THE VIZ-HOUND were his brother SIMM-HOUND, and as a result they both needed to be destroyed.

However, the Combined might of the "Wondie & VIZ"  proved too great and the Grim Reap-paw was defeated.   But this did not stop him for returning time and time hell bent on destroying the two "copies" of his DEAD brother.

Over the coming months and years, both the Viz-Hound and the Wonder Dawg became close.  AND in the end referred to each other as BROTHERS.

This relationship would continue up until the time when  the Viz-Hound was kidnapped and disassembled, and whilst he was eventually  rebuilt, the Viz-hound that had been was gone.  All traces of Simm-Hound had been wiped out. (but that's another story for another time)

Over the coming years The Wonder Dawg was to feature in most of  the future line ups of the Avenging Hounds.

His colourful costumes would soon go to be replaced with his Safari Style outfit. He made many friends on the team, his closest being the EX X-MUTT Hairy McCoy the Hairy Beastie . Simm-hound would also find love whilst living as an Avenging Hound..... love with his "sister in law" THE SCARLET BITCH

For some one who had been dead for years, he felt so alive.... he would end up dying again on more than one occasion, but as he was no longer alive as we understanding it   The Being composed of IONIC ENERGY would end up returning to his family called AVENGING HOUNDS time and time again,


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