Friday, 22 July 2011


The next mutt asked to join Earth's Mightiest Hero Hounds was Car-howl Dog-vers.

In her short life Car-howl had been many things. US Air Force Officer, CIA Agent, Spy, Security Chief at NASA, Editor of a Magazine to name a few.

BUT an encounter with The K9-REE hero CANINE MUTT-VELL,  Ms Dog-vers ended up with her genetic structure being altered to be come a Canine / K9-REE hybrid.


The Hero known as Canine Mutt-vell,  whilst fighting his arch enemy Colonel TON-DOG, also from the K9-REE both he and Car-howl  were caught in an explosion of a K9-REE machine. The explosion released strange radiation that bombarded both Canine Mutt-vell and Car-howl causing their genetic structure to merge.

Although it did nothing to the K9-REE Canine Mutt-vell,  for the earth canine car-howl, she became  half  K9-REE half Earth Canine. The process granted her amazing strength and speed, and the power of flight and all of Canine Mutt-vell's knowledge and fighting techniques.   WITH All  of these wonderful gifts and a costume based on that of Canine Mutt-vell  ....... MS MUTT-VELL was born.

For a while when Car-howl turned into Ms Mutt-vell she had no knowledge of her actions as the Super Canine. However as time went on both her Ms Mutt-vell identify and her own completely merged and Car-howl became fully in control of he super identity. Where before Ms Mutt-vell believed she was K9-REE, the new merged personalty knew that Car-howl was first and foremost Earth Canine.


Some of her powers originated from her Costume it was discovered, but after another exposure to K9-REE radiation , Car-howl found that she did not need the K9-REE uniform to be MS MUTT-VELL

As a result she along with a little bit of help from Avenging Hound JANET VAN DOG  aka The Waspish Pooch, she designed her own new look.
The ALL NEW Ms Mutt-vell

She had aided many of the Super Canine Community over the years, and soon she was offered a place as one of the AVENGING HOUNDS.

This she accepted and soon won praise and a respect from the  other Hero Hounds

She would loose her Ms Mutt-vell abilities after a run in with the Brotherhood of Mutt-ant Mutts, and be forced to return to her life as Car-howl Dog-vers.  BUT after a time she would became powerful again during an adventure out in space with the X-MUTTS.  She became BI-HOUNDY and would spend many years as a member of the Space Faring Hero Hounds called the STAR-DOGGERS, until he BI-HOUNDY star powers began to  reduce  to the levels she had before as  Ms Mutt-vell


  Returning to Earth she decided to become MS MUTT-VELL  once again, and therefore would be welcomed back as an AVENGING HOUND once more.



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