Wednesday, 20 July 2011


As far as everyone was concerned the Wonder Dawg was dead. However Dr Hairy Pym aka The Giant Dawg was uncertain about  SIMM-HOUND WAILLING - HOUNDS condition. Although his body functions had stopped, his body showed signs of electrical brain patterns remaining.. Between both him and with the help of Iron Hound they managed to record Simm-hounds brain patterns just in case they could one day revive his body. But once they had done this both did not know if they could ever fully revive the fallen hero hound.

The Body of The Wonder Dawg was then preserved in status and kept in the basement of the Avenging Hounds Mutt Mansion in New Yorkie City.  This is where it stayed for many years, and in time was forgotten.

However, a new Vill-hound appeared on the scene soon thereafter calling himself  THE GRIM REAP-PAW. The Reap-paw attacked the AV Hounds and manged to kill many of them with the use of his deadly scythe.  The Scythe did not really bring death to its victims, it was capable of putting  them in a deep coma.  The Grim Reap-Paw was eventually  beaten not before announcing that he was EAR-ACHE WAILLING-HOUNDS , brother of the WONDER DAWG.

He blamed the AV hounds for his brothers death, and over the next few years would attack the AV Hounds many times to get his revenge.

Over the next few years The Wonder Dawgs body lay in status at the Mutt Mansion. Where it attracted the attention of ULT- TAIL-ON, the Robotic creation of Dr Hairy PYM.   ULT-TAIL-ON stole a copy of the "dead" SIMM-HOUNDS brain patterns which he then used to help create The VIZ-HOUND. Who was supposed to kill all of the AVENGING HOUNDS.... as already detailed in my earlier blog pages, The Viz-hound rebelled against his "father" and helped destroy that version of The Ult-tail-on.


When The Grim Reap-paw learned that the Artificial Avenging Hound had his brothers brain patterns he tried to convince The Viz-hound to join with him, he even tried to get Viz-Hound to help him kidnap his dead brothers body and help him restore it with the borrowed Brain Patterns.  The Viz-Hound refused, as it was apparent that although his brain was build on the brain patterns of SIMM-HOUND WAILLING-HOUNDS, the Viz-hound had developed his own personality and so therefore was NOT Simm-Hound.


The Reap-paw then decided that the Viz-hound should be destroyed and would spend the next few years attempting to destroy what he thought was insult to the memory of his late brother.

Although still dead, this did not stop The Wonder Dawgs body being reanimated at times by other Evil doers. Each time the WONDER DAWG was brought back to life, it was as a ZOMBIE shell, with no intelligence.....

However, on one of these occasions, The WONDER DAWG did come back to life ....but  it was life BUT  not as we know it !!!!      but more of that in my next post.


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