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With Crys-tails returning to the In-Canine City of Attli-Hound to help save the life of her cousin and King Bark Bolt, The Fut-tastic Four went back to its original line up.

As The Invisible Pooch was trying to balance her life as a mother and a member of the team, she and her husband, Lead Richards, aka Mr Fur-tastic decided to employ a governess - nanny to help care for young Bark-lin Richards.

This arrangement worked well for a time, but Shuh Tzu (sue) Richards was not always happy to leave her puppy as she missed seeing him all the time.  When Crys-tails finally returned to the FF this allowed Sue more time with her Baby.   However, cracks had started to appear in her marriage with Lead.  He started to treat her as more of liability than an asset to the team.  Sue started to spend longer away from the Barker Building and more time at the home of the nanny AGATHA BARKNESS.   (Who herself was hiding a BIG secret.... but that is a tale for another time )


Soon Crys-tails was forced to leave the group for good as she became ill, it was  discovered that her illness was a result in her living in the world outside the hidden city of the In-Canines.  The pollution levels that she was subjected to  daily were killing her. Like the others of her race, she had spent most of her life living in a very secluded spot on  Planet Earth. In the area that the city was located, The Himalayas, the pollution effects were next to nothing.

Upset that she had to leave for her health, she kissed Jaw-nee Goodbye and told Lick-Jaw, Her amazing teleporting Mutt, to take her home. At the very  same time Agatha Barkness had convinced Sue that her place was with Lead, and Sue was on her way back to the Barker Building to try to sort out the Problems she and Lead had developed. It had been many weeks since she had departed the Barker Building, and she knew that Crys-tails had had since returned home too.  The FF need her, and so Sue Richards and Bark-lin travelled back to New Yorkie City.

Lucky for the remaining FF that since both Sue and Crys-tails had left there had not been any incident that had been  too much for the three of them to handle..... BUT Being one member down was a problem for the team when they were attacked in their home by the Frightful Fur who had tried to re recruit Mutt-dusa into their ranks again, Lead, Bone & Jaw-nee needed some more help. 

The Frightful Fur had already replaced Mutt-dusa withThundogra the Amutt- zon  . When Mutt-dusa was contacted by the Wiz-Hound she had played along with the scheme to destroy the FUR-TASTIC FOUR, but the Wiz-hound knew this and used The Mutt with the Living Hair as bait to capture Lead and his team.     Mutt-dusa broke free and sided with the FF.   However, as the Fur-tastic Four or THREE were battling along with Mutt-dusa against the evil  Wiz-Hound and his Vill-hound team,  Sue walked into the fight and was nearly injured by the Wiz-hound. To make matters worse she was holding her puppy Bark-lin at the time.

The Frightful Fur were beaten but Lead was annoyed with Sue for endangering her life and that of Bark-lin.   Sue told Lead that she could not put up with Lead's treatment anymore and told the Group that she was taking a leave of absences for the foreseeable future.

The FF was in a mess down to Three Members, and then Jaw-nee dropped a bomb shell.... he wanted to go and spend time with Crys-tails at her home with the In-Canines.   Before Lead could stop him he left also.

The Fur-tastic Four was now The Fur-tastic TWO.   Lead Richards and Bone Grimm, The Hairy Thing convinced Sue to come with them to the In-canines City to bring Jaw-nee back. Sue only agreed as Jaw-nee was her brother.   Mutt-dusa came too as she was worried to what the Hot Dog Canine Torch would do when he arrived.   Did she know something that the others did not ?

But before they had left New Yorkie City, Jaw-nee Storm had already arrived at the home of the In-Canines,  Finding his path blocked from seeing his lady love .   Finally he forced his way into her living quarters only to find her in the arms of another..... She was making Whoopee with none other than Pup-tro Maxi-woof, aka the Quick Slobber.  The Mutt-ant Avenging Hound was in Jaw-nee's eyes A DIRTY RAT !


There was a big Dog Fight between The Canine Torch and Quick Slobber. but Crys-tails broke it up with the use of her Elemental Puppy Powers.  She told Jaw-nee she did not love him anymore, she loved Pup-tro instead. What she had with Jaw-nee was only PUPPY LOVE, with Pup-tro it was TRUE LOVE.

 Just as everyone was getting over the shock about Crys-tails dumping Jaw-nee...... Maxi-Mutt the Mad attacked  the In-canine City with the The Giant Omega Hound.

It took the combined forces of  The FF and  Bark Bolt and the other members of the In-canine Royal Family to defeat this monster.  Most of the Hero Hounds had been battered very badly in the battle. Bark Bolt offered to help restore their uniforms of the FF  with the help of  a special machine he had. 

Unsure of this machine, Mutt-dusa offered to show everyone what it could do.  She entered the machine, and in a blink of an eye her costume changed.  Her Costume had been repaired, but not only repaired, but redesigned.  Her new costume showed the logo sign of the Fur-tastic Four.... and she explained that she had been given permission by King Bark Bolt  to join the FF in the absence of The Invisible Pooch.

Lead next restored his FF uniform, to what it was before the fight.    Jaw-nee was next,  Mutt-dusa told him to think about what he wanted  and the machine would do the rest.   The machine activated again, but instead of  Black and Blue , Jaw-nee's uniform was now RED & GOLD.  Why this had happened was quickly  explained.  Jaw-nee had decided that he needed a change, with Crys-tails ending their relationship, it had made him realise that he too needed to grow up.  He wanted to show this and he thought by adopting a costume like that of the ORIGINAL CANINE TORCH from the 1930's & 40's it would show the world that he was not a young pup anymore.  Plus as the original hero had recently died, he thought it was a touching tribute to a fallen hero from WW 2 (WORLD WOOF 2)

Here is the new line up....


More replacement FF members tomorrow !


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