Sunday, 3 July 2011


Readers of my Blog will know that I have already covered a lot about The Bark Panter in the past. I have  documented  his early days in Africa,  and  his first meeting with his future wife, the Breezy Bitch from the X Mutts, and also detailed  his becoming a member of the AVENGING HOUNDS... but now we bring the tale of the Bark Panter up to date.

THE STORY CONTINUES ........................

The Bark Panter is in fact T' Dog-Collar ,  The Former Ruler of the African Nation Wagg-kanda. His was a wealthy Nation who's levels of technology was equal if not better than many of the more powerful nations in the world. Wagg-kanda was a Nation owing much of its success to the mining of the Unusual Metal Vibrani-Bone that is only found there, The Ruler of the People also has great strength and speed due to the unusual Bone shaped herb only they are allowed to ingest. The People also believe in The Ancient Dog ... The Bark Panter... who watches over them.

He would later use the metal Vibrani-bone in the weaved mesh of his costume, and would also fashion weapons from it.  

Recently he has lost the power of the Bark Panter to his sister after he was left in a coma following the SK-GROWL attempted invasion of the Earth.  The later destruction of all of the Vibrani-bone after a battle withe the Evil DOG-TOR DOOM means that his beloved country now cannot depend on it for its wealth and position in the world.  Also it make the country no longer subject to attacks from other nations and Vill-hounds wanting to steal the once precious bounty.

As for T-Dog-Collar, He now resides in the SMELLS  KITCHEN part of NEW YORKIE city after being asked by Mutt Mur-dog aka The Dare Doggie, to look after his patch whilst THE DOG WITHOUT FUR pursued other matters.

Now in a foreign land without his powers, T'Dog-Collar operates out of the shadows as a vigilante hero hound in the same way that The Dare Doggie did.  He still calls himself the Bark Panter, but is now a completely different type of hero hound than he was before. He has adopted a new name and disguise to better help him fit in with the people in his new home.  Whilst the former King now runs a Doggie Diner as a cover, T-DOG-COLLAR or Mr. OKAY-HOWLO as he now calls himself, he is content with his back to basic life. However, the price for this life is that he has lost the ability to be with his Queen The Breezy Bitch 24-7. 

How long their marriage can last with them both fighting evil in different parts of the country is to be seen, BUT I suspect that it will not be too long before the two are reunited together for good.



Until next time     ENJOY

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