Monday, 25 July 2011


The next super mutt to be offered membership to the Mighty Avenging Hounds was friend and a former partner of Canine America.

SAM-U-HOWL WOOFSON had once been a bit of a bad puppy in his teens, however he turned his life around and ended up fighting wrong doers as The Falc Hound along with The Sent Hound of Liberty CANINE AMERICA,

Falc-hound in his original green costume with the Canine America

To say that The Falc-Hound enjoyed being on the roster of The Avenging Hounds was not true.  He was not happy to be part of a BIG INTERNATIONAL group of hero hounds, He believed his place was on the Street righting wrongs and fighting street gangs, not battling the likes of DOG-TOR DOOM or the MUTT MASTERS OF EVIL or FANG the CONQUEROR.

He stayed on the team as a personal favour for his friend Canine America, even after he found that he was only on the Team as the US Government wanted it.   Not because of his abilities, more to do with the colour of his FUR ! .  The Government who at this time was in charge of the running of the team,  had appointed a liaison officer, Hairy Growl- lick.  and he believed   that the AVENGING HOUNDS did not have  enough Mutts from ethic backgrounds as members.  Sam-u-howl was disgusted that he was seen as being the TOKEN BLACK FURRED Avenging Hound first, and Hero Hound second.

The Falc-Hound did remain on the team, up until a time a replacement was found for him. He would always hold a position as a reservist member, but tended to stay way from being a Full Time AV Hound ever again.

He went back to the Streets where he was not judged for his racial background, just his ability to fight evil.


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