Thursday, 30 June 2011


When Frank Cast-howl's wife and puppies were murdered by the Mafia, he started along the path of revenge that turned him  from a Ex Marine into a Vigilante.

Gone was the loving father and husband, in its place was the killer called  THE PUNISHING PUP

Working outside the law, the Punishing Pup uses the skills learnt in warfare to bring to justice and punish the evil doers that pray on the innocent. Skilled in many forms of self defense and martial arts he is a force to be reckoned with. His knowledge of weapons and explosives makes he a one mutt army.

He is feared by the crime lords of New Yorkie City, and although at times was worked along side some of the other hero hounds like, The Dare Doggie, Spider Pup, The X-Mutt Wooferine and Nick Furry, Agent Of SHIELD.... he  is a lone woof, and he does not stay clear of revenge killing.

An EYE for an EYE is the Punishing Pups mantra

Some of the tools of the Punishing Pup's trade


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