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Ruler and King of the IN-CANINES is  BARKI-DOG BOLTAMUTT better known as The  BARK BOLT

BARK BOLT's  parents, King Arg-hound and Queen Ruffta, both skilled genetic scientists,  exposed him whilst still an embryo to the Terrier-Genis Mists. This was unusual. as normally this would not be done until many years after birth. This meant that BARK BOLT was born with his In-Canine powers. HOWEVER,  these powers were far greater than the most powerful In-Canine ever known.  At birth his first woof released a powerful energy wave that nearly destroyed the Palace in which he had been born . The ruling council of genetics decided as he was but an infant, he could NOT have the ability  be able to control his amazing, but dangerous puppy powers. So he was placed inside a sound proof chamber and made to wear a suit that could harness his powers. He remained their for many years whilst he learnt to control his powers.

It was discovered early on that his BARK was his greatest power, a power that could not be controlled. So the young BARK BOLT was forced to live his life in silence. He grew and with the help of his parents and the members of the genetics council, he learnt to control his other powers. This all done in silence. He quickly developed his own form of sign language, that his parents and his teachers would use to understand him.  His younger brother Maxi-Mutts and his cousin Mutt-dusa also learnt to communicate with him. Mutt-dusa was his first cousin, and she had been selected to be the perfect mate for Bark Bolt.  She loved her cousin from the very first sight, he also found her attractive, but he also believed that as he posed a danger to all, their union would never happen.  He told his brother Maxi-mutt that if he could not be with Mutt-dusa, he would give his blessing that he, Maxi-mutt should marry her.  Without and hesitation Maxi-mutts accepted his brothers terms.

For the  young Bark Bolt his was not a happy time growing up, but from an early age understood that he must remain apart from others to protect them from his powers..... especially his beloved Mutt-dusa. So he accepted that he would have to live in his sound proof prison forever.


At the age of 19 he was finally allowed to leave his silent world, and the Mute Mutt Prince was allowed to enter In-Canine society.  He was amazed by the beauty of the City of Attil-hound, that he had lived in all his life. but had never seen.  He was able to touch his beloved Mutt-dusa for the first time, and for the first time he believed they could have a future together. This did not sit well with Maxi-mutts, as he believed that Mutt-dusa and the throne of  Attil-hound was his.

BARK BOLTS new found freedom and his romance with his cousin was soon destroyed, when Bark Bolt discovered that Maxi-Mutts was planning to over throw the their parents and  government by enlisting help from the war-like alien race the K9-REE. The price of the pact would make Attil-hound a base on Earth for the K9-REE to invade and conquer the Planet. All of  the In-Canines would be forced to be  soldiers of the K9-REE empire and Maxi-Mutts would become  not just the next  ruler of the In-Canines, but he would be made K9-REE Ambassador of the whole  planet Earth, which would then be part of the K9-REE Empire.

As the K9-REE  emissaries left after their secret meeting , to return to the K9-REE  home world, Bark Bolt tried to prevent their space ship from leaving.  Unable to prevent it from taking off, he knew that if he did not stop the K9-REE from reporting back to their home world, the In-canine race would be enslaved.  He was forced to use his Bark to stop the space craft. The force of his Bark was enough to knock the K9-REE craft from out of the sky, however the ship crashed onto the city of Attil-Hound killing many people along with his parents, the King & Queen. All of the K9-REE died in the crash, however Bark Bolt was shocked to find that his brother Maxi-Mutts was also aboard the craft. He was going back to the K9-REE home world to help plan the down fall of his own people.   Although Maxi-mutts was still alive, he  had gone mad. This was due in part to being in the blast from his brothers BARK.  The sonic vibrations of the Bark had in some way caused a massive mental feed back affecting Maxi-mutts own In-Canine mind  powers. The force of  Bark Bolts Bark had shattered the sanity of  his sibling.

The In-Canines proclaimed that Bark Bolt was a hero, as he had saved them from being enslaved by the K9-REE.  They wanted to make him King, even though Bark Bolt protested as he felt guilty for the death of his parents and many others.  BUT the In-canines needed a leader, and he was unable to reject his duty... so with much regret he accepted the mantle of Leader and KING of the IN-CANINES.

He decided that his brother Maxi-Mutts had suffered enough due to now mental problems. Bark Bolt was not happy to have him imprisoned, as he did not want him to have to live as a prisoner as he had done himself for most of his life. He would make sure that his mad brother be cared for, and although he would be supervised, he should have the freedom of the City.  


This would be a decision that Bark Bolt and the In-canines would later regret,

The story continues tomorrow, with  Madame MUTT-DUSA


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