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Called by many names over the years, Mutt-dusalick Amutt-Quelin is better known as MUTT-DUSA, Queen of the IN-CANINES

Mutt-dusa was born into the Royal Family of the In-Canines. Her Father was the  brother of the then WIFE   OF  ARG-HOUND, KING OF THE IN-CANINES . At an early age its was decided that she was the ideal genetically suitable mate for her cousin Bark Bolt. He himself was due to one day be leader of the IN-CANINE race.  Whilst still Young she was exposed to the Terrier-Genis Mist, that granted the powers to the In-canines. Again it was unusual to have anyone so young exposed, as it was usually only done when the subject had reached early teens.  BUT as her family where from the purest genetic stock, the Genetics Council must have agreed to her undergoing exposure so young.

The Mist gave her total control of her hair as if it was another limb.    This plus its super steel like strength and ability to stretch made her an  ideal warrior and ideal mate for the future KING.

As explained in yesterdays blog about BARK BOLT,   Mutt-dusa spent a lot of her young life visiting her cousin in his silent prison. Here they began to form a relationship of trust, mutual understanding, and of course LOVE.

Her intendeds brother Maxi-mutts, also began to show an interest in Mutt-dusa, but she explained that her chosen mate was Bark Bolt, and whilst he was alive, her place was by his side.   Maxi-mutts too had been exposed to the Mist at a young age, this had given him rather limited mental powers, however this did not stop him from trying to use these powers to win Mutt-dusa away from Bark Bolt.

However,   Mutt-dusa was able to see through Maxi-mutts deception and told him to leave her alone.  A few years later her beloved Bark Bolt was allowed to enter In-Canine society and finally he got to be close to his love. 

Their young puppy love was short lived as fate meant Bark Bolt was elevated to the position of KING following the untimely deaths of his parents.   He informed MUTT-DUSA that their romance and courtship would need to take second place to his duty as Leader of his people.  Mutt-dusa accepted her Kings decision, and she took her place beside him as  his interpreter.

Bark Bolt quickly surrounded himself with trusted allies all drawn from his own Royal Family.  All played a part in rebuilding the city of Attil-hound after the devastation caused by the K9-REE . (see yesterdays blog)   

Bark Bolts brother, now called Maxi-mutts the mad, since he had gone crazy (see yesterdays blog) spent his time amusing himself as best he could. Although he was insane, he did have a knack for creating things. Under careful guidance he was able to create marvelous inventions that aided the In-Canine people. However, what Bark Bolt did not realise was although his brother appeared to be a harmless fool, in reality he had a deep hatred of Bark Bolt, and wanted both his crown and mutt-dusa.

He attempted to over throw Bark Bolt many times, but always failed. However, he was clever and although he had failed, no one knew it was he who had instigated  any revolt against his brother.  Also none in the Royal Family ever believed that a mad fool like Maxi-mutts could be of any danger or concern. What a fatal mistake on their part !

BUT the day came when he rose up and successfully took the throne. (More about that later this week) During the uprising Mutt-dusa had become injured after her sky-sled was blasted from the skies by one of Maxi-mutts rebels.  When she awoke from the crash she was many miles outside of the City of Attil-hound, and not knowing who or what she was she wandered off.

She spent many months traveling through Europe. Using her amazing hair to help her survive and obtain what she needed.  Her memory was still a blur, but she had managed to remember her name, but not who she really was.

The Vill-Hound named THE WIZZ-HOUND became aware of a mystery red headed bitch with amazing powers roaming through Europe.  The Wizz-hound was a great inventor, but felt that he had never received the praise he believed he should have received.  He had begun to hate the Scientist and hero hound Lead Richards, who he believed was hogging all the glory with his inventions and his good deeds as the Leader of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.  The Wizz-hound thought that if he could destroy Lead and the FF he could marvel in the glory, and the world would sit up and take notice of him.

So he decided to create his own version of the FF, and this mysterious red headed bitch could be the final member.   When the Wizz-hound finally tracked Mutt-dusa down, he convinced her to join him. Reluctant at first, but when he offered to help restore her memory she agreed to join his group, THE FRIGHTFUL FUR. The group was made up of THE WIZZ-HOUND, THE SANDY MUTT, PASTE POT PUP and MADAME MUTT-DUSA ( I will tell their tale at a later time )

In the first of many fights against the Fur-tastic Four, the Frightful Fur nearly destroyed the hero hounds.  They would try again and again, but during one of these fights, Mutt-dusa was on the verge of killing The Invisible Pouch, when she had a change of heart and fled the scene and with that her team mates in the FRIGHTFUL FUR.  This may have been that she had somehow triggered a memory that made her question what she was doing. She  did not know who she was, but she knew she was not a killer.

Months later she would return to the Fur-tastic Four asking for their help, as she was being chased by a menacing monster mutt.  She said she did not know who he was, but feared for her life.  The Four hero hounds agreed to  protect her from the Monster Mutt who had been chasing her for weeks.  When he attacked their home the Barker Building in which they were trying to protect Mutt-dusa, they discovered he  had amazing powers himself.  In a final show down,  the FF ended up being forced into  giving the Monstrous Mutt his prize, as they could not risk him causing any further devastation to their city.  Not telling them who or what he was, he thanked the FF for looking after Mutt-dusa and told them she was not in danger ,  he only wanted to return her to her home.

This was not the last they would see of either Madame Mutt-dusa or the mystery mutt, but at the next meeting he would reveal that his name was DORG-GON


More In-canines tomorrow


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