Thursday, 23 June 2011


When I left the story yesterday,  The Bird Dog and The Ice Dawg had just been joined by The Bark Widow in the struggle with the forces of evil who had appeared on UCLA.

The Battle was going badly, until one of the Teaching Staff came to the aid of our three hero hounds.   He was no ordinary  lecturer, he was HAIR-COLLIES the Demi DOG and son of the Ancient King of Olympups....  This Immortal Pup who's deeds and life was legendary, had taken time out from the Hero Hound games, and starting teaching ancient Greek History on Campus.  Of course to him this was not history, it was his life story.

The reason for Pluto's attack on UCLA became clear,  he was trying to find his Nephew Hair-Collies as he wanted to use him as a pawn to take over the throne of Mount OLYMPUPS.   (This is another one of those tales that I will have to tell at a later date )

Hair-collies, joined forces with his former team mate from his AVENGING HOUNDS days, The beautiful but deadly Bark Widow, and the Two young  former X-MUTTS Bird Dog and Ice Dawg

But still the invading forces of Evil were too much for the quartet of Heroes, BUT  then another joined the heroes, but this "white Knight"  did not come riding in on a Horse, no this "Dark Knight" rode in on a motor cycle powered by HELLFIRE !

Who this was will have to wait until tomorrow


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