Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Yesterday we learnt what two former X - Mutts were getting up to in L A.  It turned out one was running a multi billion dollar company, and the other  was studying to be an accountant.  However they both ended up   Fighting the forces of Ancient Greek Evil together.  The BIRD DOG & the ICE DAWG were both veteran heroes, both good in a fight, but the forces of the  Greek Dog of the Underworld, Pluto were far too great for the two Mutt-ant Mutts to take on together, they needed help....... they needed another veteran hero hound.

It so happens that help was on hand very nearby.  MADAME  MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF was at this time awaiting to be seen by the faculty at UCLA. She had applied  for the post of teacher,  her subject RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.    BUT there was more to this beautiful Russian than first met the eye, She was a former Ballerina from the Bolshoi Ballet school, she was also an EX-SPY for the KGB,  she was an member of Nick Furies S.H.I-E.L.D organisation, She was a card carrying part time  AVENGING HOUND, she was the ex partner of  MUTT MUR-DOG, aka the DARE DOGGIE... she was also looking for a new challenge in her life. ( Teaching Kids ! , she would find fighting DOG-TOR DOOM an easier task I think. .)

Whilst her C V said she was  called Mut-tasha Rover-noff, widowed Russian from a noble back ground.... what it did not say was  she was better known as the BARK WIDOW.... Hero Hound and adventurer.

Why she was looking at being a Language teacher is not really known, it possibly was a cover for a case she was working on, but we will never know, because when Greek Hell came to UCLA she came out fighting along side the two former X-MUTTS.

Still their combined might was no match for Pluto, but more help was on hand... this time in the form of another Greek Legend... another veteran......  a lecturer !  but who ?    



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