Friday, 10 June 2011


Back in 1963 when the X Mutts first appeared on the scene, no one had really heard of Mutt-ants.  In a world that feared the different, the Un-Caninie X-Mutts proved that having amazing powers was not all that it was cracked up to be.

Where the Fur-Tastic Four and The Avenging Hounds became something to look up to, the Teenage Mutt-ant Mutts did not have the same effect.  Whilst the FF & The AV HOUNDS  found FAME in the HEARTS of the public, the poor old X-Mutts brought FEAR into the Hearts of the Public

But the X-Mutts continued to protect the world from the threat of EVIL Mutt-ants, even if the world did not like them very much.

Even when The Ex - Brotherhood of Evil MUTT-ANT MUTTS members, Quick Slobber and his sister The Scarlet Bitch joined the Av Hounds and found acceptance, their "cousins" from the X-Mutts still were treated as a possible threat.

Eventually, The Public would come to accept Pupfessor Rex's  X-Mutts, but that would not be for  many years to come.

Here we have the original X-Mutts from 1963, CYCPUPS, MARVEL MUTT, BIRD DOG. THE BEASTIE &  ICE DAWG with Pupfessor Rex, along with them all grown up as CYCPUPS, THE FURRY PHOENIX, BIRD DOG, THE HAIRY BEASTIE & ICE DAWG from the early 1980's

Although the school reunion never happened  until the after the death of the Furry Phoenix

More Mutt magic Tomorrow


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