Tuesday, 7 June 2011


This week I have decided to go back and revisit some of my past works and up date them... and present them in a fresher way.

Today we have the original line up of the Avenging Hounds along with Rick Jaws, former side kick to the Hounded Hulk and now assisting the Canine America.

Here you see the team in the gardens of the Avenging Hounds Mansion at the foot of the statue dedicated to the original founders.

The Avenging Hounds Mutt-Hatton Mansion can be found on 5th Avenue in New Yorkie City. The Mansion was gifted to the Avenging Hounds by Iron Hounds employer, Boney Bark.   What the Heroic Hounds did not know at the time was Boney Bark was in fact the  IRON HOUND

Looks like someone forgot to invite the Hounded Hulk as he has gate crashed the party.

Enjoy !

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