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I have already told through my blog a little bit about HAIRY PHIL-PUP MC COY, but here is the full story of the Hero Hound that became known as THE HAIRY BEASTIE.... and how he became the next member of the AVENGING HOUNDS.

From the moment of his birth, Hairy McCoy appeared to be different, His paws and legs were much larger than the average puppy. His head and body also appeared bigger.  This was put down as an genetic fault, which probably happened as a result of Hairy's father working at a Nuclear Power plant for many years. The radiation was the most likely cause of the deformities. However, both of his parents thought he looked lovely.

As the young puppy grew, so did his paws, many thought of him as a freak. He found that he could use both his front paws and back paws to hold things with. He could climb up trees and wall as soon as he was able to walk. When he started school, many of the other young pups refused to play with him due to his freakish looks. However, along with his unusual body, young master mc coy started to display a very advanced intellect. If he was not out climbing trees he would be happy to be reading and learning.

By the time he went to high school he  was twice the size of most of the other students, also he had a intellect to match.  Around this time he tried out for the schools football team. The coach could not believe the skill and grace that he processed, and soon he was star player on the team. AND for the first time other students wanted to be his friend.  He was nick named THE BEASTIE, due to his size. This name gave him a positive identity, AND a feeling that he was now accepted for his looks.  However, what the coach did not know was Hairy was holding back, and only used a small fraction of his abilities whilst playing football  as his parents had always made him hide the full extent of his physical. powers, so not to bring any more attention to himself.

However, the word MUTT-ANT  was sweeping the country, as there had been reports of Canines all over the world showing signs of special abilities. This worried every one, including the government. Poor Hairy was outed as a possible MUTT-ANT by a few of the Schools Students that were jealous of him.

During a football game, Hairy spotted that some one was attempting to Rob the school and were endangering some of the staff and students, without thinking Hairy raced through the stands to  apprehended them. In doing so showed every one what he could really do.

Although the crooks were apprehended, the whole school turned against Hairy, calling him a Fraud and a MUTT-ANT. The coach himself angry, threw Hairy off of the team. Upset at being treated so bad for being different, Hairy race home in tears. At home he was surprised to see that his Parents had company. It was Pupfessor REX, who informed Hairy that Yes he was a Mutt-ant, and with his parents permission would like to offer Hairy a place at his school for gifted dawgs. A school where together Hairy could learn about his abilities and also continue his education away from the stigma of being different.

Hairy accepted and left later that day with the Pupfessor for the School for Gifted Dawgs located outside New Yorkie City.

Whilst at the school, Pupfessor Rex did what he promised, helping Hairy train both his mind and body. Also he Began his secret training  to be come one of Pupfessor Rex's First Team of X-MUTTS. Although Pupfessor Rex did not originally think that his team of  Mutt-ant Mutts would need to go public, the Pupfessor knew that one day they would be needed to to help bring peace and order to the World. Also Pupfessor Rex  made his students realise that only with their help could Canine and Caninesuperior live together in peace.


The story continues tomorrow


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