Friday, 24 June 2011


Yesterday we had our newly formed quartet of heroes battling all manner of Greek Monsters and Ancient Dogs.

The heroes consisted of two Avenging Hounds    Hair-Collies, Pup of Power and Prince of Olympups &  Former Russian Spy and KGB Agent the Bark Widow. They had joined forces with two former pupils of Pupfessor Rex's School for Gifted Mutts, who had secretly been two of the original X-MUTTS   code named The Ice Dawg and The Bird Dog.

The battle was not going well for the Heroes, but help was on hand.......

JAW- YAWNIE BLAZE had recently arrived in California, he was a famous stunt rider. BUT he was a stunt rider with a terrible secret.  Many years before he had basically sold his Soul to the Devil in return for the life of his dying father.  Well his father was cured from his deadly cancer, but later died in a stunt riding accident.  Jaw-Yawnie Blaze  confronted the demon who now held his soul, and protested that the Devil had not played fair.   What did he expect from the Princes of lies,  honesty and good gamesmanship ? 

Anyway the devil reluctantly agreed to not collect on young Mister Blazes' soul IF he would work for him.  Jaw-yawnie agreed thinking that he would never need to make good this deal.  Later that night he found out that what he had agreed to  was worse.   Unknown to Jaw-yawnie the Devil had linked his very being with another demon, Zarathounds.  This Zarathounds himself was a slave to the Devil. Each night Jaw-yawnie would undergo a complete transformation.  His Skin and fur would start to burn  until he resembled a flaming skeleton. 

Blaze was unaware of the separate consciousness of the being that LIVED within him, and believed that the demonic personality was a sinister side of his own personality. At first the demonic doggie  manifested itself every nightfall, mystically burning Blaze's flesh to become a fiery skeletal being. Using his demonic hellfire to create a fiery motorcycle to ride, the composite  entity became publicly known as the GHOST WOOFER. Whenever  this so called GHOST WOOFER  returned to canine form, Blaze's flesh would immediately restore to normal.

In the beginning these changes into the Ghost Woofer only happened during darkness. Once Blaze was the Ghost Woofer he found himself drawn to evil , where he would vanquish it with the use of his Hell Fire Powers. Originally Blaze thought he was in control of his actions, but he would later learn the the Devil was pulling his and his hidden demons strings.  As the months went on Jaw-yawnie found that he would become the Ghost Woofer any time of the day or night. These transformations were usually triggered by the presents of evil.   Also he could at last change back to canine form when he wanted to too.

For a long while, Blaze was in total control of his Demonic alter ego, but gradually the evil presents inside him began to take control of the Ghost Woofers actions more and more, until Jaw-yawnie had little if any control of the Ghost Woofer. HE would later learn that he had been linked to the Demon  Zarathounds and he have to fight hard to maintain some control.

He would later rid himself of Zarathounds and the Ghost Woofer, but this was not to last.  ( BUT that's another tale of another time. )

Tomorrow I will continue our story of the Origin of The CHUM-PIONS


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