Saturday, 11 June 2011


Back in 1961 A scientist, His best friend, The woman he loved & her kid brother blasted off into space looking for adventure...... but they came back with much much more.

We all know the origin of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR, if not have a look back at their entries in my blog earlier this year. Unlike most super hero hounds, this team or Family all adopted a single look regarding their costumes. Blue and Black with a Big 4 on the front.

And over the years the look remained basically the same, a reversal of colours in the 1990's was the most radical of changes.... ( we try to forget the red and yellow worn by Jaw-nee Storm ....aka  Hot Dog, the Canine Torch. Re,member  it was the 1970's after all, plus his big sister was not about at the time to tell him to go change ! )

BUT one member of the quartet did wear lots of variations to his costume, ( although most folk did not notice. )  so I have compiled a sample of the Best and maybe worst looks adopted by BONE GRIMM, the HAIRY THING

Your have every thing from the original flight suit, to the Hat and Coat disguise,  His original FF costume with helmet, to him in his over sized shorts after one of his many transformations back to Bone from the Hairy Thing.  I have even included Bone in his robotic Hairy Thing exo skeleton
, his second helmet to hide his scares from the Wooferine.... along with his Additional Mutt-antion new look  from the 1990's to his current Fur-ture Houndation  white jump suit.

He may have started out as a big orange lumpy monster, but he ended up a more refined walking pile of bricks, the idol of millions (so he says)

Here is Bone again in his new white uniform from the Fur-Ture Houndation

Enjoy !

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