Sunday, 12 June 2011


By the time the Hero Hounds had reached the 1970's many members had come and gone.  By this time most of the founding members had returned, and some heroes had changed names and powers.

Hairy Pym had married his Partner Janet Van Dog, and they had remained with the team as The Yellow Jack Russel and The Waspish Pooch,   The Hawk eyed Hound had put his bow and arrows away and had become The 2nd  Hound Goliath with a little help from Dr Pym.  The Viz-Hound had made an honest Mutt-ant out of his beloved Scarlet Bitch.  Which had upset her brother Quick Slobber, who had himself married an In-Canine Princess, and that marriage was starting to fall apart. 

On the whole this was a great team of hero hounds, and with some heavy hitters on the roster, this was one of the most powerful teams ever seen. A team that included a Horse Dog, a Robotic Mutt, 2 Mutt-ants, a War Hero, an old style Knight , an modern day Knight , 3 size changing adventurers, and an African King.  What else could one ask for ! Well they did have an EX -  Russian Spy and a Olympian Demi- Dog in reserve if needed.

Here is a typical meeting of this time held at The Avenging Hounds Mansion in New Yorkie City.

Enjoy !

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