Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Mutt Murr-dog wanted to avenge the murder of his Father, who had been killed by thugs working for the local crime lord.

What could a blind lawyer do......... Nothing, but Mutt thought that a Canine Hero Hound could do more. But where could he find the right Canine Hero Hound, the answer was closer to home   HIM.

After Mutt's childhood accident where he was covered in toxic waste, although it robbed him of his vision, the radioactive waste in some way enhanced his other sense.  At first Mutt found his hearing was was increased 1000 fold, and as the weeks after the accident continued he found his other senses started to increase too.  Although he was starting to read Braille he found that he could read newsprint by touching it.  He found that he could identify people via their heart beats, he could even tell if the person was lying due to changes in their sweat he could smell. 

As he developed the skills he found that be combining his 4 over heighten senses of Touch, taste, smell & hearing could give him a RADAR like view of the world.  He had no concept of colour, but as he had been sighted as a child, he could use his best guess at what things truly looked like.

As a lawyer the ability to READ some one was useful, as he would know if what he was told was truth or lie.   He had confided in his father about his gifts, but his father Jack was worried that if Mutt made it known about his extra special abilities his son could end up in being studied was a freak by the government.

As a he grew Mutt started to train himself and his  physical body and found that he was able to do things that most people would fear away from.  He had no fear of heights or anything in fact.  He took fight training from colleagues of his father, under the guise of physical fitness.  He was a natural in all the Martial Arts he learnt. Although the accident had not given him super powers, he found his Radar sense made him a force to be reckoned with.

He knew that he had it in him to avenge his father, but he needed a disguise. He cobbled together his first costume from clothes worn by his father as a boxer over the years.  From the touch he was able to visualize  the colour from his memories of his father prior to losing his sight.  His only weapon was himself and his specially adapted walking stick or billy club.

Mutt now had the Costume, the weapon, and the training.  He needed a name...... thus the DARE DOGGIE was born.

After his initial outing where he brought to justice his fathers killers, he decided to continue fighting criminals in court legally by day, and when justice could not be sort that way, he attempted to keep the law and order by becoming the DARE DOGGIE after dark.

He had the perfect cover, WHO would expect a blind lawyer to be a vigilante in his spare time.

His original yellow and red costume would later be replaced with an all red version so he could continue to bring fear into the hearts of his enemies.


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