Sunday, 19 June 2011


The Exiled In-Canines existence and location were finally learnt by the SNIFFING SEEKER who was given the task of seeking out Bark Bolt and his Royal Family members, by MAD KING MAXI-MUTTS


The SNIFFING SEEKER  did  his best to capture them all , however as TRIT-HOUND tried to escape by jumping into the river, the Sniffers men captured him, and in the process injured the  Amphibian In-Canine.  Bark Bolt decided that enough was enough and decided to return to Attil-Hound and face his brother once and for all. BUT he will not go back as a prisoner.. He was worried that other members of hiss ROYAL FAMILY would face injury or worse if they were to continue fighting to stay free. He commands LICK JAW to transport them all back to ATTLI-HOUND home of the IN-CANINES. Jaw-nee Storm tries to stop Crys-tails from leaving, but as she cries out to him, she vanishes in LICK JAWS teleporting energies. The Upset Jaw-nee returns to his team mates

Lead Richards decides that he FF should attempt to free TRIT-HOUND from the SNIFFING SEEKER....  in  the fight they unsuccessfully attain freedom for TRIT-HOUND, and as the SNIFFING SEEKERS air craft moves away, MR FUR-TASTIC tells the FF to stop trying to retain the craft, and he makes them all return to the Barker Building.

Back at HQ the leader of the FF tells his team to make ready the DOGO-PLANE. Once aboard their fabulous long distance rocket plane, Mr Fur-tastic informs his team that he had placed a tracking device aboard the SNIFFING SEEKERS air craft. AND with its help he should be able to track them to where they are holding TRIT-HOUND.

Within hours the FF have travelled to the Himalayas and find the hidden city of ATTIL-HOUND... whist they have been travelling they did not know that BARK BOLT had already arrived with his Family with a little help of faithful hound, Lick Jaw.

Bark Bolt is taken aback at what a unhappy place his city has become under the rule of his mad brother MAXI-MUTTS.   As they all descend onto the palace, an army of the primitive ALPHA-DOGS attack them. It is clear that Maxi-mutts is using these sub- In-canines as his private army, to keep the other In-canines in check.  Bark Bolt and his Family make short work of the not so welcoming . welcoming committee, but before the final ALPHA-DOG falls, Maxi-mutts appears, and apologies to his dear brother as he says that the attack was a mistake.  Of course Maxi-mutts is being deceitful.  Maxi-mutts is quite mad, and continues to rant and rave at his brother. He thanks Bark Bolt for returning Mutt-dusa to him, and informs Bark Bolt that he will now marry Mutt-dusa.  He then informs Bark Bolt that now he and the other members of the Royal family are safe within the city, he will now rid the world of the menace of all non- In canine life on the planet. He then shows everyone his latest invention. The AT-MUTTS GUN.... This weapon will wipe out all life on Earth that is not In-Canine, so Maxi-mutts claims.

This is a step too far, Bark Bolt knocks Maxi-Mutts to the ground and picks up the crown of  the IN CANINES and places it on his own head. He gestures and Mutt-dusa explains that he has taken back the Throne as it is clear that Maxi-mutts is completely mad, and cannot be allowed to continue as leader. 

At this point the FF arrive, and in the confusion, Mad Maxi-mutts breaks away from the group and activates the weapon.   The AT-MUTTS GUN fires....... MAXI-MUTTS laughs as he declares that the canine menace has been destroyed.

To find out if this is true, be here tomorrow for the final chapter of this tale.


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