Saturday, 4 June 2011


Hounder  Dog-las was orphaned as a young child. Her parents were murdered for little reason by
 the universal menace known as FANGOS ............. Mentor, father of the Mad Fangos took the young pup  Hounder to his home on the moon of titan,  in the orbit of the Planet  Saturn. Mentor and his people were from the race called The Etern-Howls. A long living and powerful people that had visited earth many times in the planets past.   Hounder was raised by an order of Monks on Titan..There she grew up and developed mental powers whilst studying.   The Monks also helped her with the training her body so it would be at the  peak of perfection. She mastered many fighting skills and ways of self  defence.

Hounder had many faults, most of them to do with her attitude and arrogance towards others. This did not endear her to anyone. When Fangos attacked Titan, Hounder used this as a great excuse to leave her boning home, and travel back to earth for adventure.

When  she return to earth as a grown  canine, she called herself The MOON DOGGON, as her powers had come from her association with The Doggon of the Moon.  (who she had killed in battle )

She became one of the Avenging Hounds at a time that their ranks were depleted. It is thought that in hindsight, Moon Doggon may have used her powers to manipulate them into offering her a position on the team.  She remained on the team for a while but her problems with her arrogance and her ego made Hounder far from being  a real team player. Some of the Avenging Hounds began to question her ethics and how she would use her powers.

The final straw came is when she used her powers to convince the Team to conquer an alien planet, that she then decided to rule with Paw The Dog of Thunder as her Lover and protector.  However, The Avenging Hounds broke free of Moon-Doggon's mental control, and Paw took her back to AS-DOG, home of the Horse Dogs where she was imprisoned for a time. 

When she was later released into the custody of the Dog-Fenders, she came complete with a new metal head band. This Head Band she could not remove, as it controlled her mental powers. In that she no longer could use them to manipulate her fellow team mates. If she tried she would get a shock as her mind energies would be directed back at her. This caused her one big headache.

On the whole The Moon-Doggon is not a Bad Puppy, she just lacks training and self control. Her attitude  towards others. and her disregard of anyones thoughts or feelings is what  lets her down. Believing that she is right all of the time is what causes most problems with everyone else. She thinks that she is a great leader and should be followed, whilst others see her as a pain in the @@@@ !

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