Monday, 27 June 2011


When a young pup MUTT MURR-DOG was involved in a terrible accident involving a tanker transporting  toxic waste through his local neighbourhood.  Poor Mutt  lost the use of his eyes when in the crash the tankers contents splashed into his face.

Whilst recovering in hospital  from the chemical burns to his face, his father was told by the Doctors  that his son who never see again.   What would become of his boy now he  was blind. ?   Mutt's father Jack Murr-dog was a boxer, and he did what he could to help educate his son, and give him everything he could to help his son tackle his disability. He continued to box even through he  was not regarded by some as a washed up fighter.   But Jack needed money, so he would some times throw fights for money.  Grow up in the area of New Yorkie City called SMELLS KITCHEN, was tough for any youngster, but for a Blind one it was extra difficult. With enough Money, Jack could ensure that Mutt could be anything he wanted to be.

Mutt would go to college and finally become a barrister (lawyer). He preferred to take on cases where he could help the underdog .... which some times made him enemies with some of the local vill-hounds and crime lords.

Mutt's life was again dealt a back hander when his father was murdered as he had refused to throw a boxing match after announcing he was getting out of the business.  When Mutt learned of this he decided to take his revenge on his fathers killers....

BUT what could a Blind Lawyer do ?    Plenty it turned out.

Although Mutt Murr-dog was blind, this did not mean he could not see injustice or wrong doing.

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