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HAIRY McCOY proved to be an excellent student whilst attending the REX SCHOOL FOR GIFTED DAWGS.  He scored high grades in all of his subjects. He loved science and loved spending time doing experiments.

His fellow students like himself were Mutt-ants.  Originally he shared classes with 3 other male students. Scottie Summers, Warren Woffington the Third and  Doggie Drake. Hairy was the eldest of the group, whilst Doggie Drake was the young pup of the group. Whilst  Doggie and Warren liked to enjoy life like Hairy, Scottie was more reserved. All four of them had amazing powers, but Scottie's power was the most dangerous. So in some respects he was right to be a little bit serious and reserved around others.

One day Pupfessor Rex informed the students that a new canine was to join them in the school.  This turned out to be a young Bitch called Jean Greyhound.  The guys all fell over themselves to be close to Jean, but she only  had eyes for one dawg, the silent and shy Scottie. He as usual stayed his distance as he was worried that he could hurt her by mistake.

No sooner had Jean unpacked before PUPFESSOR REX summoned them all to the Danger Dawg Room for training.

All the students attended, dressed in their X - MUTT uniforms. SCOTTIE, WARREN, HAIRY, DOGGIE and JEAN, were now referred to as CYCPUPS, BIRD DOG, THE BEASTIE, COOL DAWG and MARVEL MUTT.

The Dangerous Dawg Room, was a special place were all of the students could use their powers freely. BIRD DOG could fly using his wings, COOL DAWG could use his freezing powers of snow and ice, MARVEL MUTT could show everyone what she could achieve with her telekinesis, The BEASTIE could swing, jump and do what he did best.  For CYCPUPS he could unleash his optic blast puppy power in a safer environment. ( although he would always be on his guard never to hurt his fellow students. )

Here within the DANGEROUS DAWG ROOM these five young MUTTS learnt how to use their puppy powers as individuals and together as a TEAM. Pupfessor RE X's dream was finally achieved, and this Dream Had a Name....... The Un-Caninie X-MUTTS

Shortly afterwards his team went public to tackle a Mutt-ant Menace by the name of MUTT-NETO the Magnetic Mutt.  BUT his story I will save for another time.

Hairy enjoyed his time as the BEASTIE, and lived and fort beside his fellow X-Mutts for many years. Even after graduation, he like the others stayed and tried to keep Pupfessor Rex's dream alive. HOWEVER, Hairy began to feel that something was missing in his life. He was older than most of the other X-Mutts and wanted to start living his life, and doing things that he wanted to do.

The X-Mutts team had grown over the years to include, Lorna Great-Dane aka POLARITY POOCH, Mutt of Magnetic Might, and Scottie's younger sibling Howlicks Summers The HAVOK HOUND.  He asked Pupfessor Rex to allow him to leave, so that he could pursue the other Passion in his life   SCIENCE.  Rex accepted Hairy's resignation from the X-MUTTS. He told him that he would miss Hairy, but understood that he could not stand in the way of one of his beloved students.  He told Hairy, that The BEASTIE would always have a home with the X-MUTTS if he would ever need or want to return.

Hairy would one day return to the X-MUTT family, BUT this would be years later, and he would not be calling himself the BEASTIE any longer.

Hairy had found a job as a researcher for the BRAND  CORPORATION. It did not take very long for him to be offered the post as Chief Researcher in the Area of genetics.   Hairy had choose Genetics as he wanted to discover more about why MUTT-ANTS and Mutations happen.  The fact he was a MUTT-ANT he still needed to keep secret, but he thought if he could help understand why it happened, this answer  could help  quash any fears that most Canines had with their Mutt-ant cousins.

Also Hairy had seen first hand that many Mutt-ants hated themselves for being different. Whilst Doggie, Jean, Lorna & Howlicks looked normal, they had the ability to turn their X puppy powers off and one. Thus being able to live a normal life. Whilst Warren and himself had Mutation that affected there bodies, IE Warren's wings which he had to hide beneath his clothing and Hairy who hid his massive frame and over large paws with the use of clever  clothing.  Scottie on the other hand should have been able to turn his optic blasts on and off, but due to a head injury as a young PUP. his DANGEROUS optic Blasts remained turned on 24 /7.  Thus meaning he could only see life through his Ruby Quartz Visor or Glasses, which he wore to contain his deadly energy beams.

Hairy thought that he may find a cure for certain Mutt-ations, but a he understood that CURE may not be quite the right word.  Soon Hairy had made a discovery of sorts. He managed to isolate one of the Genes that could cause Mutt-ations. This was a great discovery, but not really what he wanted.  Further research showed him that he could cause the GENE to Mutate the host. However, this Gene was only found in his own Mutated blood.  Further tests showed that any increase in Mutt-ation would only last a short while. Wanting to share his research with a college he went to seek advise and help from a fellow researcher, DR SNARLS MADDOGS  But although he shared some of the information about his Gene discovery, he failed to let on HE was the source of  Mutt-ant blood used to discover the gene.

Hairy continued his research until one day he found that some one had stolen copies of some of his research papers. He decided to investigate the crime himself.  He decided to become the Beastie again, but was worried that even in costume, if spotted by any of the other scientists or staff at the Brand Corporation, they would figure out he was Hairy McCoy and blow his cover and maybe endanger the identities of the X-Mutts through his connection with the School. So taking a chance Hairy decided to use his discovery to further Mutate himself.  Knowing that the effects were only temporary he ingested some of the gene compound himself.  The transformation was quick, he body grew larger, his fur turned grey, he grew fangs and claws too.  He found out he was even stronger than before, his agility had trebled.

Pleased with his new look, he decided to make use of this new body while he could. Not knowing how long the new look would last, he went off in search of who had stolen his work.   He soon discovered that DR SNARLS MADDOGS.... who he had shared his finding with had stolen his work, along with many other research secrets from the company. Hairy handed him over to the police and returned home and awaited his new mutt-ation to wear off.  By the morning  he was still all grey and furry, as he was also much later that night.   By the following day one of the staff from the Corporation came looking for him, or should I say Hairy.  They had learnt about DR SNARLS MADDOG and were worried that something had happen to Hairy McCOY.  The police also came and forced entry into Hairy's  Apartment fearing the worse.  Once inside they were shocked to discover a Large Grey Hairy Monster, the police drew their guns.  Hairy escaped through the window. For the next few hours hairy was hunted by the police, as they believed that this Grey monster had killed Hairy McCOY.  Hairy was in a complete panic. What could he do ?  Turn himself in and end up trying to explain that he was Hairy McCoy, which would mean telling them about the BEASTIE, the X-MUTTS and Pupfessor Rex's School for Gifted Dawgs ! or run away and he hunted as the killer of himself.

The answer was clear, he had to become Hairy McCoy again.

Hairy's story continues tomorrow


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