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Crystailla Amutt-quelin is better known as CRYS-TAILS, the younger sister of Mutt-dusa (the future Queen of the In-canines )


Called by many names over the years, Crys,  Princess, Elemen-tail,  Lady, Fur-tastic member,  Avenging Hound, Wife and mother. BUT some of those titles would not come to be used for many years to come.

As we have heard from this weeks blog, Crys-tails had been banished from her home after  her Evil cousin MAXI-MUTTS the MAD had over thrown King Bark Bolt.

She along with her cousins went into exile, and whilst in the big bad world started to look for her sister, MUTT-DUSA who was the bride to be of ex-king Bark Bolt.   She was very young at the beginning of the search, and over the many years that followed, she matured into a beautiful Young Bitch. However, her cousins were a lot older than her, and she missed having someone her age to play with.  Lucky for her she did have a friend to look after her. A Gigantic MUTT  called LICK JAW. Like herself  LICK JAW was an IN-CANINE, but his exposure to the Mist had caused him to resemble a hulking monster of a Dog. 

Although to outsiders you would think that he was her pet, LICK JAW was much much more. He was CRYS-TAILS protector. friend and guardian.  He like her had amazing puppy powers. Whilst CRYS-TAILS had the power to control the 4 elements of EARTH, WIND, FIRE & WATER... LICK JAW had super strength and the ability to teleport himself and others. She loved her Four Legged friend, but she was at the age where she wanted true love, not puppy love. 

Anyway back to our story..... The Exiled Royal Family had been re-united with their lost member MUTT-DUSA, who had her memory restored as a result. The Family decided to continue to stay hidden from the world and from Maxi-Mutts and the other IN-CANINES.

Bark Bolt knew that if he returned his beloved Mutt-dusa into this brothers paws, she would be forced to marry him. Staying Hidden would mean that Maxi-Mutts would never know that Mutt-dusa had been found....   BUT that's what they thought.

The Royal family settled into a routine.  They had managed to build themselves an underground  home in a derelict part of New Yorkie City.  They did not need to leave the safety of their hidden bunker unless they wanted to.  Only some of the Royal Family could venture outside, as their bodies looked like normal canine folk.  BUT the likes of DORG-GON, TRIT-HOUND, LICK JAW and BARK  BOLT could only come out at night, if at all.

The Teen aged Crys-tails was allowed to venture outside,  she had spent most of her short life outside in the Big Bad World, and although she was innocent she was not worried by normal canines.

On one of her trips outside the Bunker, she decided to use the opportunity to practise her elemental puppy powers.  She created fire and practised manipulating it.   This is when she was spotted by Jaw-nee Storm, aka Hot-Dog, the Canine Torch. He was doing a routine fly by over the city, a chance to exercise his flaming powers.


When he spotted Crys-tails, he could not believe that she was the most beautiful bitch he had ever seen. Also she had flaming powers too.  HE WAS IN LOVE.   He called out to her. She panicked and fled, not before using her powers to stop him following her.   She managed to enter the hidden bunker without The Canine Torch seeing her.   He searched all over the area trying to find this beautiful Bitch that had flaming powers like himself.  When he finally gave up, he went straight back to The Barker Building his home, and the HQ of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.  Once there he told the other members about his discovery.

At the same time, CRYS-TAILS has recounting to Bark-Bolt and the other family members that she too had met a young pup who had powers like her.  She said that she thought he too could be an IN-CANINE.  Bark Bolt was annoyed with her, as he knew that if the Flaming Pup did return it could mean that they could be discovered. He forbade Crys-tails from trying to see this  flaming dawg again.

However, the FF returned with Jaw-nee Storm, and began looking for signs of his strange mystery mutt.   Using one of his inventions, Mr Fur-Tastic found the hidden entrance to the Bunker.  As the Hairy Thing tried to breaking, he was attacked by DORG-GON, who the FF recognised as the same person who had been trailing Madame Mutt-dusa those many months before. 


Dorg-gon was joined by Kanine-ak who's ability to see the weakness in his enemy made his able to make short work of the Stretching Powers of Lead Richards. The battle was brutal, but as fight continued The Canine Torch used his flame to burn a route through the earth and rock, into the hidden bunker. Here he came face to face with Crys-tails... who took him to see her lord and master Bark Bolt.  Bark Bolt was furious with Crys-tails and attacked the Canine Torch for daring to enter his home.


The fight continued until Crys-tails allowed the other FF members entry into the bunker as she was worried that Bark Bolt may kill the Torch.  As the fight continued inside the Bunker, it was Mutt-dusa that called a halt to the engagement. Explaining that she believed that the FF were good folk, even if they were non-In-canines.

The In-canine leader offered his hand in friendship to the   Fur-tastic Foursome... a friendship that would last for many years to come.


HOWEVER, as one battle was over, a new war was on the horizon.  King Maxi-Mutts had discovered that Mutt-dusa had been spotted in New Yorkie City, when she had started her brief criminal alliance with the WIZZ-Hound and the other members of the Frightful Fur.  Also it had come to his notice that Dorg-gon had been seen with her months later... if so WHY had he not returned with her ?

He was not very happy, and he sent a detachment of soldiers to find out why.

More tomorrow.


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