Tuesday, 21 June 2011


After Warren Woofington the Third, aka the Mutt-ant  X-Mutt known as the Bird Dog,  left Pupfessor Rex's School for Gifted Mutts, he headed to Los Angeles where he took up his post as CEO of his late fathers company.   As you all ready know at this time all of the original X-Mutts had all left to pursue other interests. Except for Scottie Summers, aka Cyc-pups who stayed on to help train the next generation and new group of X-MUTTS ( see my previous blogs for these details)

He quickly got to gripes with being a business mutt, but he missed the adventure and life of a Hero Hound. Being a millionaire playboy was fine, but he missed being the Bird Dog more.

His former team mate Doggie Drake, aka the ICE DAWG had enrolled in UCLA where he was studying to be an accountant. !!!  He had decided that he needed more stability in his life, and being the ICE-Dawg was great, but it did not pay the bills. Being the youngest of the original X-Mutts meant at the time of the original team disbanding he was still young enough to enroll in University.

Warren met Doggie for lunch on campus one day, and whilst they joked about their past life as hero hounds a turn of events meant they would be drawn into conflict with beings of myth and magic originating from Greek Dogs of Mount Olympups.

They would soon be up against the Evil Greek Dog of the Underworld PLUTO ( and I don't mean Micky's faithful four legged friend either ! )

They would need help, but from where ?

More tails of the CHUM-PIONS tomorrow.


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