Thursday, 9 June 2011


After the original founding Avenging Hounds left to pursue their own lives in 1965 , it was up to Canine America to find replacements otherwise the AV Hounds would have faded away.

His first recruits were the Mutt-ant brother and sister twins known as Quick Slobber and the Scarlet Bitch.  A third new member joined also,  he was  known as the Hawk eyed Hound.  These three ex - vill-hounds plus the Canine America became known as Cap's Kooky Crew.

These 4 were not as powerful as the originals, but still  proved to be as good as the founding Avenging Hounds.    A later addition of the Swords Dawg  to the quartet did not prove to be a good choice, as it turned out he only joined to help destroy the team.  The Swords Dawg was expelled from the team.  Other Hero Hounds joined the team in the following months, along with the return of Giant Dawg, now called the Hound Goliath and his partner the Waspish Pooch. Both Hair-collies  & the Bark Widow were both offered membership, but only Hair-collies. the Pup of Power accepted at this time.

So by the tail part of the 1967 the line up looked something like the picture below.

Here we have the Avenging Hounds standing outside the gates to their home on 5th Avenue. You may notice that that naughty dog, The swords Dawg is there too.   Maybe he is asking to be re admitted to the team.

I did a little rework on most of the mutts, especially The Scarlet Bitch and Quick-Slobber as the original drawings did not transfer that well from my old computer to this. 

More old mutts tomorrow.


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