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When I last left the story, Mutt-dusa had been captured  by Dorg-gon,,,,, but to find out the reason he was seeking her out we need to go back a few years.

As already told that during the sucessful attempt by Maxi-mutts to take the crown and leadership of the In-Canine race away from his Brother Bark Bolt, Mutt-dusa had been injured and had lost her memory and wandered off.    This made Maxi-mutts mad, as he wanted to take her as his Queen.  He had decided to exile his brother and the other members of the Royal Family that were loyal to him, however he secretly made his cousin DORG-GON promise that whilst exiled in the outside world that he would search for Mutt-dusa, and when he had found her, have her return to the city of ATTIL-HOUND, the home of the IN-CANINES. Dorg-gon agreed as he knew if he refused Maxi-mutts would surely punish some one close to him.


Maxi-mutts sent his brother off into exile, knowing that Bark Bolt would  ALSO want to look for his beloved Mutt-dusa, thus making it easier for Dorg-gon to bring her back to him. OR so he thought.

Into Exile along with Bark Bolt and Dorg-gon went the other members of the Royal Fanily. These were his cousins, brothers TRIT-HOUND and   KANINE-AK.....  and Mutt-dusa'a young pup of a sister CRYS-TAILS.

They searched for Mutt-dusa for many years, always keeping a low profile and out of public sight.  NOT All of the royal cousins  could  easily fit into normal canine society, as most of them looked different due to the effect of their genetic mutations.   Dorg-gon had massive hind legs a cross between a goat and a horse.......

 Trit-hound was covered in green scales, as he was more fish-like than canine.  


Only Kanine-ak, Crys-tails  looked fully canine, as did Bark Bolt, but as he  needed to wear his energy containment suit always, his head antenna marked him as different.



They searched for Mutt-dusa for years, and during that time the young PUP Crys-tails grew up into a beautiful bitch.

When after years of searching they finally located Mutt-dusa she was part of the Vill-hound group called the FRIGHTFUL FUR, but again before the exiled In-canines could catch up with her, she had fled from that group after have a issue with killing,  When Dorg-gon finally did capture her, instead of returning her to the now KING MAXI-MUTTS, he took her to the arms of her true love BARK BOLT.

Back with her family, she soon regained her memories, and the exiled royal family stayed hidden from the world , and from the evil MAXI-MUTTS.

Life was not easy, but at least they were all together.


HOWEVER, this peaceful existence was about to get ruined after a close encounter  with the flaming member of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.......


enjoy !

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