Monday, 20 June 2011


Yesterday we left our story where EVIL, MAD BAD Maxi-mutts had successfully destroyed all non-IN-CANINE life on the planet.  

However, it turns out that the Gun did not kill all non-In canines..... Maxi-mutts is puzzled as the only people not to be affected by the AT-MUTTS beam should have been the In-canines. Mutt-dusa then makes an announcement that she knows why the weapon did not work. Both Canines and In-canines share the same basic DNA. Which means that the In-canine race must have evolved from the canine race. Mr Fur-tastic backs up her theory, as he has secretly scanned Mutt-dusa when she was a guest of theirs many months before.

At this time the In-canines had no knowledge that 100's of thousands of years ago, The K9-REE had experimented on the ancestors of the In canines, as they were trying to build themselves an army to help in their war with the shape shifting SK-GROWLS. ( How they find out is another story for another time. )

Both the FUR-TASTIC FOUR and the IN-CANINES  are relieved that Maxi-mutts had not destroyed the canine race.  Bark Bolt gestures and Mutt-dusa translates that for centuries his people had hid away from the outside world as they feared all non-In-canines. Now he realises that both races share a common origin and as such it is time for his people to venture out into the world and meet their new cousins.

Whilst Mr Fur-tastic and Bark Bolt continue their discussion about the future, Maxi-mutts had been fiddling with his At-Mutts gun.  Bark Bolt ignores the Mad Fool until Maxi-mutts announces that he believes that the In-canines cannot live with and should not live side by side with the lesser canine races on the planet. He then fires the gun again. The beam is different this time. Instead of firing out of the city into the air, it makes the edges of the city start to glow.  Mr Fur-tastic orders the rest of his team to return to the DOGO-PLANE for safety.  Bark Bolt attempts to destroy the machine, but Maxi-mutts has protected it with a force field.  Jaw-nee rushes over to Crys-Tails and tells her to come with him to avoid the danger. The two love struck hounds run towards the boundary of the city.  Lead tells Jaw-nee to hurry as the beam is starting to solidify the air surrounding the city, he believes that soon no one or thing could pass through it.  He gets the invisible pooch to try to keep a section open a while longer with the help of one of her invisible force fields.  The invisible pooch does this but the strain is great.

As Jaw-nee and his beloved Crys-tails reach the gap in the now nearly formed barrier Jaw-nee enters the gap his sister has made, but as Crys-tails tried to enter the invisible force field starts to fail, and Crys-tails is court in the energies of the barrier.  Then just as the barrier closes completely, Crys-tails is pulled back into the city by the amazing living hair of her sister MUTT-DUSA.   The city is now completely surrounded by a grey shell that is now hard to the touch.  Bark Bolt and his family approach the barrier and try to break a hole thru it. BUT they all fail, including Kanine-ak who's power is to see the weakness in all things, but he is unable to detect any.  On the other side Bone Grimm, the Hairy thing pounds at the barrier. Jaw-nee uses his Canine Torch flames to burn through , but this is no good. Lead Richards believes that the barrier is made up of Negative Energy, and says he had no idea how to penetrate it.  Jaw-nee breaks down and howls that he has lost his beloved Crys-tail forever. Whilst inside the heartbroken Crys-tails is saying the very same thing about her new love, the Canine Torch.

Bark Bolt grabs Maxi-mutts and gestures for him to undo what he has just done.  Maxi-mutts just laughs and inform his family that he cannot reverse the process, and the In-canines are now cut off from the rest of the world forever. He tells Bark Bolt that the negative energies may be able to be broken by his bark, but as most of the force of his sonic powers would rebound against the city, it would probably kill all of the In-canines in the process. 

The FF return home to New Yorkie City sadden by the events of the day.  They do not even know if the In-Canines are even still alive behind the barrier, but Lead promises Jaw-nee and the others he will try to come up with a solution to the matter.

Whilst inside the barrier, a sad King Bark Bolt informs the people of the city that until a time comes that the barrier can be removed, the IN-CANINES must continue their lives as before.  He orders Mad Maxi-mutts to be locked away until a cure for his madness can be found..  Mutt-dusa tries to comfort her sister CRYS-TAILS, but she does not want to listen, as she only wants to be with her beloved Jaw-nee Storm.

The In-canines would remain within the barrier for many months, but Jaw-nee would be reunited with his Crys-tails, but that would be another story for another time.


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