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For many years no one really knew who Wonder Girl really was.  Originally she was a mistake... the original Wonder Girl was Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince as a young girl.

Back in 1959 in the April editon of Wonder Woman, Princess Diana ends up travelling back in time and meets herself as a toddler ( Wonder Tot ) and as a teenager (Wonder Girl)   See Wonder Woman 105 #.. The character of Wonder Girl was a hit, and little by little when she appeared in Woman Woman tales she was not referred as anything but Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman's little sister.... and  by July 1961 in issue 123# she was Queen Hippolyta's adopted daughter.

Well around the time the guys from DC were putting together the idea of a Junior Justice League... a collection of Teenage Hero Side kicks of the Adult Heroes that existed,  and someone thought that Wonder Girl would make a good addition to the Group. 

But as Wonder Girl WAS really Wonder Woman who only appeared in modern time due to Amazon magic etc... this caused a problem.

Wonder Girl was included in the new Jnr Justice League or TEEN TITANS as they became, but this left a bit of a problem.  Wonder Woman was Diana Prince,   Wonder Girl could not be Diana Prince TOO.   So Wonder Girl became Donna Troy who was the adopted daughter of Princess Diana's mother Queen Hippolyta.

Over the years the truth of who Donna Troy really was hinted at and adapted over the time...  However,  the original story was Wonder Woman had rescued an infant child from a building fire, that child she took to her home,  the home of the Amazon's. The child was adopted by Diana's mother and all the Amazon's bestowed part of their own essence so to make the young child an Amazon like them.  That story worked, and meant that Donna was not Diana any more.

That's where I will leave that part of the story, and hopefully I will try to tell the story of WHO IS DONNA TROY ?  sometime at a later date.

BUT now back to the Titans.

Donna added the female factor to the original line up.  You had  ROBIN (BATMAN JR) KID FLASH (FLASH JR) and AQUA LAD (AQUA MAN JR) ,,, now they needed WONDER WOMAN JR... and they got that in the form of WONDER GIRL.

Like her "SISTER" Diana, Donna had the same powers as Wonder Woman. She could fly, she was strong and she had a magic lasso etc

Growing up on Paradise Island, Donna was very Innocent of many things.   She was in the beginning a bit shy of the ways of the world, but soon discovered not all things in MAN'S world were bad or evil.    She discovered that boys could be fun too.

Here is my version of Wonder Girl when she first joined the Teen Titans


And here she is at home,   Donna, Princess of the Amazon's of Paradise Island

Every thing a young girl wants in life...... except BOYS !

Next time a new member to the group


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