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Roy Harper Jnr, or SPEEDY did not became a member of the Teen Titans straight away.  He,  like the current members of the TT's,  was also a  teenage partner of a member of the Justice League. In Roy's case this was Oliver Queen aka  Green Arrow.

SPEEDY or is it "RED ARROW" ?

Roy, the son of  a forest ranger,  had been orphaned at the young age of two and had been adopted by Brave Bow the Shaman who was member of the Tachini  tribe .  Roy's father had died saving many of the Native America Indian people, and in gratitude of this sacrifice, Roy became a member of the Tachini people, with Brave Bow  as his father figure.

As Roy grew, he quickly learnt many of the skills of the tribe. He was an expert tracker and scout, but his skill with a bow and arrow made him stand out from the rest of the Tachini men.

When Roy learnt in newspapers of the exploits of the then New Hero on the Block, The Green Arrow, Roy trained even harder as he wanted to be just like his HERO.

Roy finally got to meet his Hero, when Green Arrow visited the Reservation after being asked to judge an archery competition.  Green Arrow was very impressed with Roy's  speed and skill.  After Roy helped Green Arrow foil a robbery,  Green Arrow nicked named him SPEEDY, as he said he thought Roy was even faster than him.

After a discussion with Brave Bow, it was decided that Roy would be better placed in the care of  Green Arrow. Brave Bow knew that Green Arrow and Oliver Queen were the same person, and believed that the youngster had a better future as the ward to the millionaire.

Like Bruce Wayne had done with Dick Grayson, Oliver trained Roy to become the best there was. After much training Green Arrow gave Roy his own uniform, based on his own....... and gave him his secret identity....  SPEEDY, named after Oliver's nickname for Roy.

After Brave Bows death, Oliver completely adopted Roy as his son and heir to his business and fortune.

Speedy met and helped out the Teen Titans on many occasions, but did not became a full time member until Garth, AQUA LAD found that he could no longer devote all of his time to his team mates.

 Although Garth life as Prince of Atlantis and partner of Aqua man took up must of his time, he would always  on hand to help the Teen Titans when required.

The line up of the Teen Titans would remain ROBIN, KID FLASH, WONDER GIRL & SPEEDY for some time. BUT AQUA LAD was never out of the Picture or forgotten by his teenage partners.


Like all youngster, the Teen Titans started to get older, and with that one decided to make a change in their appearance.

More on that change, and a NEW MEMBER next time



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