Monday, 15 October 2012

BEAST BOY auditions for a place with The TEEN TITANS

The first person who attempted to join the Teen Titans was a certain Garfield Logan, better known as BEAST BOY.

As a child Garfield Logan or Gar to his friends contracted a rare illness after being bitten by a GREEN monkey in the Jungles where his parents were doing scientifics studies.  His parents both scientists and explorers save Gar's life but the serum that they developed to save their son had some strange side effects. The combination of the poison from the bite and the cure made him start to grow green hair all over his body and his skin also became green. This change was not just a change in colour, Gar also found he could metamorphose into any animal he could think of.   He only had to have seen the animal and he was able to transform into it.  Well a green version of it.


A few years later his parents died in a tragic accident, that would have also taken Gar's life if not for his amazing abilities, Gar ended up under the protection of Nicholas Galtry, who not only controls Gar's life, but has control of the large fortune that Gar's parents had left him. Galtry had no time for Gar, and did his best to hide the Green Freak from public knowledge. He tolerated Gar, only because it gave Nicholas Galtry complete control of the Logan fortune. 

As the years went on Galtry managed to embezzle a large part of the estate, so large that he worried that he would be exposed as the now teenage Gar had started to ask questions and show an interest in HIS fortune.    Galtry decided to hire someone to kill Garfield, and on the first few attempts, Gar's amazing abilities manage to  insure he was not harmed in the STAGED accidents.

On one occasion, The Doom Patrol help save the green skinned teen, and as a result exposed Nicholas Galtry as being both a fraud and trying to kill his ward.

Gar is finally adopted by a member of the Doom Patrol, Rita Farr (Elasti - Girl) and her Husband Steve Dayton.  Now Part of  family at last, Doom Patrol adopt him as their mascot, and give him his own uniform, complete with a Purple Mask to hide his Green Features, and call him BEAST BOY. 


However, due to his age he is not allowed to go on any Doom Patrol missions, and after another failed attempted to convince his "parents" Rita & Steve to let him join them on missions, he decides to try to join the Newly emerging Super Group.... The Teen Titans.

However, although he helps the Teen Titans on a mission, they all decide that Gar is too young to join the group, and tell him to go home to his parents.

Gar would one day become a Teen Titan, but for now his place was the safety of life with his family The Doom Patrol.


Beast Boy would be come first a West Coast Teen Titan before becoming getting to be a REAL Teen Titan, BUT that is a story for the future.

Next time we meet the first REAL new  member of the Original Teen Titans.


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