Monday, 1 October 2012


When Wallace (Wally) West met with his Aunt Iris's Boyfriend Barry, his life moved into the fast lane.  Barry Allen was in secret THE FLASH, a human granted super human speed due to an accident.   When his girl friends nephew, Wally came for a visit to Barry's Laboratory at the Central City Police Station ,  Wally  became bathed in Electrically charged chemicals.  A duplication of the accident that created The Flash.   ( and they say that lightning NEVER strikes Twice !!! )  The 2nd accident ended up  endowing Wally with the same  "magical" powers as his "Uncle" Barry.

At first Wally West worn a costume similar to Barry, and became The Flash's junior partner KID FLASH,,,,,,, but later Wally adopted his own uniform, which made both Flash and Kid Flash look like different people.

Wally's home life with his parents was never good, and after Barry and Iris married, Wally went to live with them.  They became his "Adopted" Parents, even though it was never official.

Around the time Wally got his own Costume, he had his first meeting with Robin and Aqua Lad..... and rest is history so they say.

Wally would continue as Kid Flash for many years, but after the untimely death of Barry Allen,  Wally took up the mantle as the new FLASH.

Here is Wally aka Kid Flash doing what he does best..........RUN

More Titans coming soon


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