Friday, 28 September 2012


Richard (Dick) Grayson was the Son of a famous group of Circus Acrobats called "THE FLYING GRAYSONS" .  When they, his parents were murdered by the Mafia in a ploy to extort monies from the owner of the Circus, Dick was offered a home with Millionaire Bruce Wayne.

Later Dick discovers that Bruce is the mysterious BAT MAN and  convinces Bruce to let him train to be a crime fighter too.  Bruce agrees and some time later Bat-Man is joined by his new partner Robin, the Boy Wonder. 

Robin first appeared in Detective Comics 38# from April 1940, and the character is still around today,  even if today the person behind the mask is no longer Dick Grayson......  Bat Man still has his ROBIN.

Here is a look at Dick Grayson as the Original Robin the Boy Wonder, or is it ROVER.... The Wonder Dog ?


In 1964 Robin teamed up with two other youngsters.... Aqua Lad and Kid Flash for one adventure. when they became  an unofficial JUNIOR Justice League of America....... By the time the 3 joined forces again they decided to call themselves.... THE TEEN TITANS and so history was made.

Robin soon showed that he was more than just the teen aged side kick of his mentor Bat-man and showed this as the leader of his own group of super heroes........ using the skills and knowledge he had gained over the years from his "adopted" father   Bruce Wayne.... THE BAT-MAN


More Teen Titans next time !


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