Thursday, 27 September 2012


When I was growing up in London in the 1960's I first remember reading AMERICAN Comics.  Unlike the UK comics, which had very good stories, the America ones stories were in COLOUR... or COLOR as the Yanks spell it. And therefore seemed more exciting !

Anyway, I first came across the Teen Titans in the late 1960's.  Unlike the other heroes at that time, BatMan Superman & Wonder Woman, these were all youngsters.  Teenagers ! and this appealed to me..... and so I became a life Long Fan.

Over the years the Teen Titans and its members grew up, but until the latest 52 REBOOT, the characters always seemed to stay in contact and together. Ok the roster changed, but some how  the group they all stayed friends.

Robin, Kid Flash, Aqua Lad, Speedy and Wonder Girl may have changed into Nightwing, Flash, Tempest, Red Arrow and Wonder Woman (or what ever name Donna Troy was going with at the time ! )  they never ever lost contact with one another, and although most even became a replacement to their Adult mentors, they still remained Dick, Wally, Garth. Roy & Donna

When I started Blogging, I decided that all my DC Characters would be drawn in my Dog Dawg style ( check out my early posts.........  Especially the Bat Fang Family )  The Marvel Characters I did in the Buddy Style...... both styles worked, but I preferred the Buddy Look, as this was more enjoyable to me.

BUT Breaking with tradition, I have decided to Buddy Dawg Style The Teen Titans.

I Hope You Enjoy the Result

Next time prepare to Teen Titans Go with The Boy Wonder himself

Enjoy !

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