Monday, 3 October 2011


Ult-tail-on began the process of Building his new "MATE".  He constructed her from materials similar to what his latest body had been constructed from. Like himself he used the rare metal ADMUTT-ANIUM which would make her as indestructible as he was.


He gave his new creation a name...... JAW-CASTA..... but was unable to give her "LIFE".   For that he would need the assistance of his " Father and his Mother ".

Having been able to play with the mind of his creator in the past, Ult-tail-on manipulated Hairy Pym to forget most of his recent life.  In fact he regressed him back to a time long before Dr  Hairy Pym had built the first mark one Ult-tail-on, he regressed his mind back to a time when the AVENGING HOUNDS had first formed.  Hairy Pym believed he was still ANT-PUP.

BUT before Ult-tail-on could now use him to help complete Jaw-casta,    ANT-PUP disappeared.  Although it is uncertain if The Robotic Mutt sent his father back to the AVENGING HOUNDS MANSION on purpose, it certainly helped with  ULT-TAIL-ON'S plans. He had now recruited his DADDY, now he needed his MUMMY TOO !,,,,, and Hopefully ANT-PUP would lead him to her,

ANT-PUP arrived at the Mansion expecting to see his team of AVENGING HOUNDS.... IRON HOUND.... THE MUTTY PAW..... THE HOUNDED HULK and THE WASPISH POOCH.   All he found were some strangely dressed strangers standing in a partly destroyed mansion.  (THE AVENGING HOUNDS had Just battled the GRIM REAP-HOUND in a battle to save the lives of both The VIZ-HOUND & WONDER DAWG....but that's a different story for another time)

Not knowing who these strangers were he demanded to know this, and WHY were they in the Mansion.  Not being in full control of his emotions, Hairy Pym did not want to listen to the lies from these fake AVENGING HOUNDS.  Where were his friends, and where was his partner THE WASPISH POOCH. The Guy in the Red & Gold Armour claimed to be IRON HOUND, but this could not be true, his IRON HOUND wore GOLDEN ARMOUR, and The Joker in the Canine America Uniform was also a fake, as everyone knew The Sent-Hound of Liberty had disappeared years ago and was now either dead or a very old Dawg.

Before The Scarlet Bitch could explain any more, ANT-PUP ATTACKED.


Ant-Pup engaged each of the unknown foes with the aid of his army of ants,  Unprepared for the attack by their friend and fellow Avenging Hound, The SCARLET BITCH, THE VIZ-HOUND CANINE AMERICA, THE BARK PANTER AND WONDER DAWG  ALONG WITH IRON HOUND all fell victim to the pint sized attacker. 

However, before ANT-PUP to take the victory cheer, He was hit  by an energy blast from behind.   He fell and passed out.  His attacker  then showed themselves.   It was his wife   JANET VAN DOG - PYM the Waspish Pooch.

Story to be continued......


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