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When we last left the story the Avenging Hounds were looking for Two Members of their Team that had been kidnapped by the Robotic Menace known as ULT-TAIL-ON.

Their searches had failed to located either The Waspish Pooch, JANET VAN DOG or her Husband HAIRY PYM who had adopted the identify of the ANT-PUP again.  Also The Avenging Hounds had been unable to drum up any reservist members to help in taking on ULT-TAIL-ON once they had found him...... everything looked bleak UNTIL......  PAW the Dog of Thunder noticed that a number of ANTS had invaded the Mansion, but before he could dispose of the mini menaces with the aid of his Mighty Mutt Mallet, the ants spelt out the letters...." B A R K    L I "

What did the message mean ?  only ONE Avenging Hound Knew..... and that was IRON HOUND, who was secretly the Millionaire Industrialist BONEY BARK.   In his identify as Iron Hound, Boney told the others that he thought the message must have been from Ant-Pup telling them that he was at The Bark Industrial Factory on Long Island.  

Without delay the remaining Av Hounds, PAW, Iron Hound, Wonder Dawg and The Bark Panter rushed to the location of their friends.

Meanwhile..... at the Secret lab of Ult-tail-on ( which was in LONG ISLAND) the Mechanical Mutt was overjoyed as the transferal was near completion.  Janet's entire Life force had nearly been placed in the body of his new mate.....JAW-COSTA.   Both the Metal and Organic bodies now moved and he could see that Janet was slowly slipping from her BIOLOGICAL BODY into the new METALLIC FRAME OF Jaw-costa.  Now his new bride was alive, and soon she would awaken and  they could be together forever !!!

Hairy continued the process not knowing that he was in fact killing Janet not saving her as he thought.

Then as the last traces of the Waspish Pooches life drained away the AVENGING HOUNDS crashed through the wall and confronted the scheming Metal Monster.

Paw , Wonder Dawg and Iron Hound all took on Ult-tail-on, whilst the Bark Panter went to help aid Hairy Pym, who they believed had summoned them via his cybernetic ANT-PUP helmet.  T' Dog-Collar the Bark Panter was shocked when ANT-PUP attacked him for attempting to interfere in his work to save his beloved Janet.   However, The Bark Panter was able to best his crazed team mate before he was able to use his amazing shrinking powers or ant army  against him.


At the same moment that ANT-PUP had fallen, ULT-TAIL-ON was holding his own against the power of the other 3 Avenging Hounds.  He fired his death ray weapon at both PAW and WONDER DAWG and was surprised that both had not succumbed to its effects.  Puzzled he enquired how The Wonder Dawg had survived his first attack at the AVENGING HOUNDS MANSION the day before. 


He went onto boast that the fallen AV hounds, The Scarlet Bitch, The Hairy Beastie and The Canine America would all soon be dead....  Iron Hound deduced that the effects of Ult-tail-ons ray did not kill his team mates, just put them in a deadly coma.  This did not explain what had happened to The VIZ-HOUND, but if the other AV Hounds where still alive.... so must  be the Artificial Avenging Hound also.

Iron Hound pleaded with Ult-tail-on for the cure of his Friends, but the Robotic Rotter just laughed.  Then Iron Hound grabbed the slumbering JAW-COSTA around the neck, and threaten to destroy her if he did not tell him how to revive his team mates.   Ult-tail-on was furious that Iron Hound dared threaten his bride......  he screamed that if Jaw-costa died, so would The Waspish Pooch....  BUT IRON HOUND called his bluff and indicated he would risk killing Janet by destroying her metal doppelganger.


Ult-tail-on agreed and transmitted the information that allowed Iron Hound access to the information he required, which also gave the  GOLDEN AVENGING HOUND control of the transferal process.  

Iron Hound shut the machine down.... saving Janet, but in the process .... but this meant that JAW-COSTA would not live.   Ult-tail-on was mad that he had been tricked by Iron Hound.....  but as Iron Hound said he had only promised not to destroy Jaw-costa.... and her body was still intact.,,, but it was now minus the stolen life force of Janet VAN DOG.   JAW-COSTA was now still and unmoving, was she dead ? had she really been alive ?

As the Avenging Hounds all converged on the now awoken Waspish Pooch, Ult-tail-on used this distraction to escape through the roof.


The final part of the story next time.


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