Thursday, 6 October 2011


Last time I told how a confused Hairy Pym attacked the Avenging Hounds dressed in his original ANT-PUP costume, and seconds away from a full victory over the present team, his wife stunned him with a blast from her Wasp String.

The story continues........

After recovering the Avenging Hounds quizzed The Waspish Pooch on WHY her husband had attacked them.   Janet Van Dog told them that she did not really know, but she had seen Hairy's mental state starting to slip over a period of time.   IRON HOUND believed that Hairy must have had a complete break down, this is why he had become the ANT-PUP again.

The Waspish Pooch dressed to Impress

Iron Hound said that he could help reverse Hairy's condition via some of the equipment "HIS EMPLOYER" Boney Bark kept at the AVENGING HOUNDS MANSION.

The other Avenging Hounds believed that The WASPISH POOCH should not be party to these procedures, as this may prove a little bit too upsetting for her.  The Hairy Beastie offered to take Janet home.

After the two had left, Iron Hound began the process to help restore Hairy Pym's mind.  This then continued until it was clear that the mental problems were too deeply rooted, and continuing the process could cost Hairy Pym any sanity he may still have left.

Canine America agreed to stop the process, but as the group started to plan what to do next.... The Door flew open and an injured Hairy Beastie came through.  Before passing out he barked..... " He Has Got Her !    He has Returned.... He is coming  !...."


Before the Avenging Hounds could react, there was a massive explosion.... and through a now demolished wall stepped........ ULT-TAIL-ON !

Ult-tail-on made short work of the group..... it appeared he had killed most of the team with a new weapon he had built into his new armoured body.   In the end only a very confused ANT-PUP remained standing, and acting on instinct, ANT-PUP attacked the Robotic Menace.  However, at ANT SIZE he was no match for the Evil ULT-TAIL-ON.  Unlike the other Avenging Hounds, Ult-tail-on did not want to harm his father...... he needed him to help him create his new BRIDE.

To be continued.............


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