Friday, 7 October 2011


When ANT-PUP aka Hairy Pym awoke he found he was in a strange unknown Laboratory.... Here he saw his beloved Janet Van Dog aka THE WASPISH POOCH laying unconscious and attached to a machine.

Before ANT-PUP could do anything Ult-tail-on appeared and told him that Janet had been attacked by  the same FAKE Avenging Hounds that Hairy had discovered in the Mansion hours before.

Ult-tail-on explained that the Fake Avenging Hounds had hurt her when she had come to the aid of Hairy.  The mechanical mutt went on to say that her body was so badly hurt.... she would die..   BUT he could save her by transferring her brain patterns into a robotic shell. 

Ult-tail-on told Hairy not to worry, because this would be a temporary measure, and once Janet's body had recovered, her essence would be returned to her body again.   Hairy was shocked, he did not want Janet to die, but at the same time he was unsure about the procedure.

Ult-tail-on explained further that although he was an intelligent machine, he needed the aid of the Famous DR HAIRY PYM to help  with the process.  Again Hairy was unsure, he did not believe he had the knowledge to help save Janet....  BUT Ult-tail-on explained that he knew Hairy had been working on Artificial Intelligence and DID have the knowledge and COULD save Janet.

Remember, Hairy believed that he was still the ANT-PUP ( as he had forgotten about  all of his recent life ) . and during these early years as a Hero Hound he had been working on a way to build intelligent artificial life.  Ult-tail-on knew this and as long as his "Father" did not remember too much , in that he HAD already built his MARK 1, he felt he could manipulate Hairy into bringing JAW-COSTA to life. 

The only thing that the Mechanical Menace did not tell Hairy was...... To give Life to JAW-COSTA would result in the Death of THE WASPISH POOCH.  Once his Bride was  fully funcional, Ult-tail-on could dispose of his Father too...... but not before he crushed him with the knowledge that Hairy Pym had helped kill his own wife !!!!!

Hairy worked along side Ult-tail-on for hours, not knowing that he himself was responsible for once creating the Robotic Evil beside him. Although he did have a feeling that he had meet the Robot before, his mind was still too mixed up to realise how and why.

Meanwhile....... back at the AVENGING HOUNDS MANSION, The Mutty Paw, the Dog of Thunder arrived to see Canine America, The Scarlet Bitch, The Hairy Beastie and The Viz-Hound being taken away by ambulances.  They had been all killed by ULT-TAIL-ON it seemed.


An Injured Iron Hound explained to Paw what had happened.  The only Avenging Hounds that remained were Iron Hound, The Bark Panter and Wonder Dawg. Paw knew that they would need to have as many Extra Avenging Hounds on the team if they wanted to tackle ULT-TAIL-ON again..... and AVENGE the Deaths of their comrades and friends.

Back at Ult-tail-on's Lab, Hairy Pym was ready to start the transfer of Janet's Brain Patterns to her new body.  What he still did not know was, Ult-tail-on had made his own adjustments, and instead of just transferring Janet's Brain Patterns, the machine would transfer her entire LIFE FORCE,  leaving Janet's body a dead empty shell.

When Ult-tail-on had transferred the Brain Patterns of the then Deceased Wonder Dawg into the Viz-Hound many years before, he knew that careful programming would make the adopted brain patterns evolve into a NEW persona.   Although JAW-COSTA would have his mother's life force and brain patterns, she would no longer be JANET VAN DOG.  Learning from his mistakes with the Viz-Hound, Ult-tail-on made sure that Jaw-costa's programming would no allow her to betray him.... she would be programmed to love, honour and obey him.....WITHOUT QUESTION.

Hairy then announced that he was ready to begin the process...... a process that he thought would save his beloved Janet.....  not knowing that he would really be killing her !

To be continued.......


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