Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Before Twilight and  long before True Blood made Vampires Sexy, a Hollywood Actor originally from Hungary  called Be'la Ferenc Dezso Blasko or Bela Lugosi to his fans, showed every one that a true Vampire needs only  style and a foreign accent to make women (and some men) go weak at the knees.  .  No need for a SIX PACK !  a BIG BLACK CAPE was all Bela needed. (and lots of eye make up ! )

Born on October 20, 1882 some 5 years before Bram Stoker creation was published, Bela Lugosi became the first true incarnation of Count Dracula.

Although not the first vampire film ever made, 1931 marked the First appearance of the Count.  Many have played the roll since, but the roll of  DRACULA will always be connected to the late great Mr Lugosi.  Horror at its best, without a trace of BLOOD or FANGS !

Here is Buddy dressed as his distant cousin from darkest eastern Europe,    Count Vlandi-dog    DRACU-HOWLER

Count DRACU-HOWLER  getting ready to pop out for a BITE to DRINK !


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