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The waspish pooch was now safe, BUT the villain of the story had escaped capture by the AVENGING HOUNDS.

Everyone was happy that Janet Van Dog was now safe, well everyone except her husband Dr Hairy Pym, who was still mentally unhinged by the recent events.   Still believing he was ANT-PUP and living during an earlier period of his life, he believed that his Janet had betrayed him to the "FAKE" AVENGING HOUNDS.

It would be many months until Hairy Pym's mental state was finally resolved.. but eventually he would be truly reunited  with his beloved wife Janet Van Dog, the Waspish Pooch and they both would return to become active AVENGING HOUNDS

But back to our story .........   Iron Hound commended The Waspish Pooch for her quick thinking to send a call for help via the Ants.   Janet explained that it was not her that sent the S O S message, as she needed her communication collar to make contact with her insect friends.  This had been taken away from her.  This puzzled all of the Hero Hounds, as they knew that their original guess that the message had come from ANT-PUP was incorrect.  SO WHO HAD SENT THE MESSAGE. ?

Janet had an idea,  and wondered  "could it have been JAW-COSTA ? "  As the bride of Ult-tail-on was now just a lifeless shell,  Janet knew she would never know.

It would later come to every ones knowledge that Jaw-costa did in fact send the ANT MESSAGE... but for now Jaw-costa remained silent.

IRON HOUND arranged to have the body of JAW-COSTA moved to the Avenging Hounds Mansion for study and storage... and this is where she remained for many months. 


In the aftermath of the battle with Ult-tail-on,   Iron Hound was able to reverse the effects of the coma-death state that had befallen Canine America, The Scarlet Bitch and The Hairy Beastie.....  Also the artificial Viz-Hound made a full recovery from his deactivated state.

The Avenging Hounds had won this battle, BUT this would not be the end of the ULT-TAIL-ON , or his bride JAW-COSTA.

Many months later Jaw-costa would be reactivated by her "HUSBAND" ULT-TAIL-ON.  It would turn out that she had retained most of the memories, thoughts and personality of The Waspish Pooch.  In someways too much.   Janet loved Hairy, and therefore Jaw-costa loved  Ult-tail-on,  because Jaw-costa was the essence of Janet Van Dog   and Ult-tail-on was originally born from the brain waves of Hairy.

 In a similar way that The Viz-Hounds being was made up of the Brain Patterns of  Wonder Dawg,  Jaw-costa was very much like Janet Van Dog. She had her loyalty, her devotion and her ideals and moral standards.

 However, where the Viz-hound was able to reject his programming,   Ult-tail-on made sure that Jaw-costa would be nothing but  loyal to him.  Even though Jaw-costa would be  unable to countermand this  programming, she would reject both him and his evil ways. (thanks to Janet's Morals for right and wrong.)  This would infuriate Ult-tail-on as like his "SON" the Viz-Hound, a little bit too much of Janet was transferred into Jaw-costa, as Viz had gained from Sim-hound Wailling-Hounds aka The Wonder Dawg

Jaw-costa did reject Ult-tail-on and was given a home along with the Avenging Hounds. Although the other AV HOUNDS treated her well, most found her TOO MUCH like Janet in her ways... This did not sit well with all, especially The Waspish Pooch.  She did become close with the Viz-hound, and he help her learn more about her HUMANITY,  but when she started to fall in love with him, her love was rejected, as the Viz-Hound was married to the Scarlet Bitch..... and he only had artificial eyes for her.... his beautiful mutt-ant mutt

 In the early days she was regarded as more than a help than a true member.   she would start to have issues about her own worth, and would leave the Avenging Hounds Mansion and forge a new life for herself.   What she did not know was she left the Mansion  home of the AV HOUNDS minutes before she was to be offered membership to the team.    Years later she would be come a full time Avenging Hound but that another tail   sorry Tale.

As for Ult-tail-on he would always regard Jaw-costa as his bride, and would use and control her in years to come.  He would even end up destroying her when he found out she was in love and in love with another artificial hound called  A-Houndon Steak..... The MACHINE MUTT.   After her "death" by Ult-tail-on         A-Houndon Steak  ( or  REX 51 as his creator called him ) , would rebuild her body, but was unable to rebuild the love they once had for each other..... they would  soon drift apart.


As for Ult-tail-on, many years later  he decided to try again, and this time built another would be bride.   This Time He used the Brain Patterns of the then wife of the Avenging Hound call THE HAWK EYED HOUND, aka Clint Barkton.


DOGGIE MORSEL was the ex spy turn hero hound called The Mucky Bird Dog, who had joined her husband Hawk eyed Hound to help form a second team of hero hounds called the WEST-COAST AVENGING HOUNDS. She was a strong willed individual and that is what attracted her to the Robotic Menace

Ult-tail-on decided he  learnt a lot  from his past mistakes  ie

Bride 2# would be more like HIM....... BUT would lack ANY HUMANITY or MORALITY and Would be PROGRAMMED TO OBEY HIM TOTALLY.

However, what Ult-tail-on got was MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE.

BRIDE MARK 2# aka THE WOOFIE WAR TOY.... Had No Humanity, and had No Morals, but she was like him.... and therefore would not accept him or anyone as her MASTER. Wherever this was a result of again BAD programming or a result of Doggie Morsel's more stronger personality is unsure.  But whilst The Waspish Pooch was a strong bitch, she always allowed Hairy Pym to dominate her and their marriage, whilst  The Mucky Bird-Dog believed and showed her husband The Hawk eyed Hound that theirs was a marriage of equals.... and in some respects she believed she was better.


No wonder that the WOOFIE WAR TOY rejected her husband and even tried to destroy him.  He was Evil, and she was EVIL-ER....  As they say the female of the species is Deadlier..... well she was. !

More about THE WOOFIE WAR-TOY soon.

Well that wraps up the Story of  Life and Loves of ULT-TAIL-ON the Robotic Mutt.


A new subject next time


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