Saturday, 29 October 2011


An anonymous short story first published in 1818, but later in 1823 re published as being from the Pen of Miss Mary Shelley.... told the story of a scientist re animating a dead body made from various corpses.  The Story was of course FRANKENSTEIN

It was many years later in 1931 that a British Actor Called William (Bill) Pratt would help  bring the story to the silver screen with the help of  Universal Studios. The then  unknown actor  Bill Pratt better known as BORIS KARLOFF played the MONSTER, a roll that made him one of the true masters of horror.

Standing at only 5 foot ' 11 the costume and make up artists worked their magic making Frankenstein's Monster appear to be over 7 foot tall.

Unfortunately no colour photographs survive of  Karloff in his Monster costume.... which is a shame... because most people do not realise  that the Monsters flesh make up  was green.  He was a rotting corpse after all.

Others would play the monster in years to come, but the flat headed Karloff look will always be considered the best.

Here we have Buddy as The Monster  with no name.   Remember Frankenstein was the name of the Doctor who created him...... NOT THE MONSTER




True story,          when my Grandfather took my Grandmother to see Frankenstein at the cinema in London in the 1930's, during the scene that the monster accidentally kills the little girl, my Nan screamed and fainted and had to be carried from the cinema by a very embarrassed husband.  he later vowed  never to take her to the cinema ever again.  A promise he kept until his death in 1963
Don't worry Grandpa Sid did still go to the flicks again....... he usually went  with his daughter (my Mum) and any other member of the family..... everyone and anyone else      BUT NEVER Winifred,  his wife.

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