Thursday, 19 April 2012


This week we will be looking at The WATCHMEN   or  is it THE WATCH DAWGS  ?

In 1986 a twelve issue comic book was published by DC COMICS. The Series was created by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons with the help of John Higgins.

The original story would have featured characters that DC had acquired from a company they had previously bought. It was later decided as many of the characters from the now defunct Charlton Comics would be changed as a result of appearing in the new proposed story,  it would be easier to make these all NEW original Characters instead.

However, even though the characters had been altered, they were still basically the same Charlton Comic players.  Many of the NEW original characters could be likened to others in comics.... but that is what made Watchmen work many thought.  These were more Heroes than SUPER HEROES

Watchmen was a comic BUT a comic aimed at adults, that was not afraid to dealt with adult subjects and American and world history in a different more grittier way.

Main stream comic heroes from DC and Marvel at this time would never go out of their way to kill a villain for revenge......... The Bat-Man never killed The Joker,  Superman would never use his powers to hurt Lex Luther  on purpose...... Captain America never sliced off the Red Skulls head with his shield and Spiderman never dropped Dr Ock off a building for fun.    But with The Watchmen, they fought Fire with Fire...... An eye for an eye..... was the usual.  Justice ?  Yes...... But Their own brand of  JUSTICE.

Sit back and enjoy my tribute to THE WATCHMEN


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