Thursday, 12 April 2012


As I have already mentioned the original membership of the West Coast Avenging Hounds stayed very much the same in the early months.

The Team was made up of The Hawk Eyed Hound, The Mucky Bird Dog, The New Iron Hound,  Wonder Dawg and Tig-Growler

Membership was offered to others hero hounds in the early days like Bone Grimm the Hairy Thing from the Fur-tastic Four....... but he refused due to a mutation problem.... the mystery hound called the SHOUND, who just was not a team player and Dr Hairy Pym, who refused membership but accepted a roll as technical adviser to the new team.

When a young bitch with flaming powers came on the scene, the WC AV Hounds believed they had found a NEW hero to add to their ranks.


When the young BONE-NITA JUAREZ was struck by a Fire Ball whilst walking in the New Mexico she was bathed in strange radiation originating from outer space.

As a result she found she had the ability to manipulate energy from her body in the form of fire.  Bone-nita was a very religious person, and believed that this power from the Fire Ball was from the one of the Native American Gods. From her childhood she had been told of the legend of the FURRY-FIRE-BIRD, so she decided to adopt the name of the FURRY-FIRE-BIRD and use her new GOD GIVEN powers for the good of the local population.

She first came into contact with the WC AV Hounds when they battled the Evil MUTT PANDEMONIUM. She proved to be a real asset to the team. and after helping them defeat the  Demonic Hound she left to continue her battle for justice in the New Mexico Dessert. 

The WC AV HOUNDS then decided she would be ideal to join their happy gang as a WC AV HOUND in Training, but before they could speak with her  and offer her membership, most of the team found themselves displaced in time and space.

However,   The Furry-Flame-Bird did later return to visit the WEST COAST AVENGING HOUNDS home..... THE DOG POUND. By this time she had become more and more religious after starting on her own personal spiritual life journey.  She had now adopted the name of  HAIR-SPIRITA. She had the same powers, but had now adopted a more reverent and Holy look. 

Visiting the DOG-POUND looking for enlightenment she found DR Hairy Pym who was again at a very low point in his life. As he contemplated ENDING IT, the intervention of Bone-nita convinced him that life was Worth living.

As a result of this he started a relationship with Bone-nita and also decided to to dedicate his life to both Science and Fighting Crime.

BUT unlike before, he decided NOT to to adopt a new or an old Hero Hound Identify.  He decided to use his size changing powers not on himself..... but on this scientific inventions.  He quickly devised a simple jump suit with many pockets in which he could place items that he had shrunk using his PYM PARTICLE powers. He could now combine his love for inventing, with his love of being a Hero Hound. After many years of uncertainty he was now fully content with his life. (and had come to terms with the Bad things that had happened too)

Hairy PYM was back to being a Hero Hound..... but this time he did not have to hide behind a mask or fancy costume or code name...... He was now DOCTOR HAIRY PYM .... Scientific Adventurer.

Bone-nita and Hairy were an item for some time, but like most of Hairy's relationships he was never able to fully commit.   Deep down inside he still loved Janet Van Dog  "HIS" Wonderful Waspish Pooch.

NEXT TIME another new Hero Hound comes to stay......


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