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The Tale of the WEST COAST AVENGING HOUNDS continues

The new Team made no time getting themselves and the new HQ up and running.

The Hawk eyed Hound had wanted to recruit Dr Hairy Pym to his team as a full time Avenging Hound, however, Hairy Pym was still happy to now be himself, he had put his days of being a Super Mutt behind him, he declined the offer of becoming one of his various hero hound identities, BUT he did offer his assistants as scientific adviser and assistant to the new team.  The Hawk eyed Hound knew if he could not have Ant-Pup, or Giant Dawg, or The Hound Goliath or even The Yellow Jack Russell on his team..... their alter ego DR HAIRY PYM would be good enough.


The Team line up stayed the same for the next few months, the only initial change came when IRON HOUND was replaced by a NEW IRON HOUND. 

The Iron Hound that had originally been recruited to the Team was NOT the Original Iron Hound. The Mutt inside the Armour was Jaws Rhodes. The New Iron Hound was officially ANOTHER person, BUT the team knew it was the ORIGINAL IRON HOUND.... although most of the AV Hounds still had no clue that it was BONEY BARK who had been the original Golden Avenging Hound.

The New Iron Hound came with a updated suit of Armour....This allowed Jaws  Rhodes to continue operating a Iron Hound also..... as they looked completely different.  Jaw was more happy working as a lone wolf, whilst Boney enjoyed working with others..... Boney's place was with the team.

The New Suit of Armour was nicknamed the Scarlet Centurion.  This was a more powerful  Suit of Armour. In the past Boney had just basically updated his existing Armour over the years.  Each suit was better than the last but basically they were based on his original designs.  This New Armour was completely new.  He had gone back to the drawing board and had designed and built it as if he was building it for the first time. It was better than any thing before,  as it was designed using  up to date technology and all modern state of the art scientific  knowledge and techniques. 

Boney would use this Armour for the next few years.

During the early months of the newly formed WEST COAST AVENGING HOUNDS, Simm-Hound Wailling Hounds aka The Wonder Dawg started to become closer to his "Brother" The VIZ-HOUND and his Wife The SCARLET BITCH.   Even adopting a new look .... in honour of his NEW brother VIZ.

Not a good look. However Simm-Hound did revert to a more TRADITIONAL look later on

Both Viz and Wanda were now in semi retirement after his near break down when he tried to take over the world. (see last months tale)  They had set up home in a small house in New Jersey. Whilst there both worked on there relationship and on improving themselves. The Viz - Hound began contemplating his Canine-ity and wondering if he had a soul.... whilst the Scarlet Bitch continued her magical studies under the guidance of her teacher.... The Witch   Agatha Barkness. Also Wanda and her twin brother Pup-tro's relationship improved, especially after the realisation of who their real Father was discovered to be.  ( That is another Story for another TIME )

When the Wonder Dawgs real brother,  Ear-ache Wailling - Hounds aka , the Crazy Vill-Hound called THE GRIM REAP - PAW, tried again to destroy both the Viz-Hound and the Wonder Dawg.... and the Whole of the West Coast Avenging Hounds... his defeat marked a turning point in both Simm-hounds and The Viz relationship. At long last The Viz-Hound had a Family, but he wanted more.

Wanda's Twin Brother had just had a Puppy with his wife The In-Canine Princess CRYS-TAILS...... this made Wanda long for her own puppies, but could she and the Viz-Hound even have any offspring.  she was a Mutt-ant Canine and he was a Artificially Created Canine after all. Could they ? should they ?

Well with a little bit of practise and a bit of help from her Mutt-ant Rex Power and a dash of Mutt-Magic courtesy of her Mentor Agatha Barkness .... Wanda found herself expecting


The Viz-Hound was happy to soon becoming a FATHER, the Wonder Dawg could not wait to become an UNCLE.  The Scarlet Bitch was content.

9 months later The Scarlet Bitch and The Viz-Hound became proud parents of twins......  Life was good for the new family.... however,  their house in New Jersey was destroyed by a band of Mutt-ant hating  rioters.   Now Homeless the Hawk-eyed Hound offered them a place  to live at the New West Coast Avenging Hounds new base..... THE DOG -POUND

Both Wanda & the Viz both thought it would be a safer environment for them to raise their new pups.... Waill-Hound & Tom-Mutts.  They could be near to Uncle Wonder Dawg,  have a chance to resume their Hero Hound Work   and Also find a Safe place away from the dangers of the  ANTI-MUTT-ANT problems that had started to erupt around the country.  The fact that they had become an open target for all the other CRAZY Vill-Hounds in the Universe JUST BY moving into the WC AV Hounds HQ,  seems to have been overlooked.


A NEW Hero Hound was also recruited around this time.

More about her next time


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