Friday, 27 April 2012


LAUREL JANE JUSPECEZYK or Laurie to her friends was the Daughter of the Original Silk Spectre from the 1940's.

Her Mother Sally Jupiter, or The Original Silk Spectre always wanted her daughter to go into the family business as a costumed crime fighter. Laurie on the other hand was not so keen, but to please her Mother who had herself retired from fighting crime mainly due to her age and becoming a mother, Laurie pulled on her silk stockings and skimpy uniform and became the New Silk Spectre. Both Laurie and her mothers relationship was strained by this, mainly due to the problem that Laurie could not always cope with Sally's over bearing nature.  Deep down inside Sally was jealous of her daughter, and blamed Laurie for her having to give up her own Heroic life. 

Laurie had always suspected that her Mothers Husband Laurence Schexnayder was not her real Father,  however for years she had believed that her Mother's fellow crime fighter from the Minutemen, The Hooded Justice was her real Father.  It was not until after the Death of another Masked Hero    The Comedian, did Laurie discover that HE was her real Dad.

Laurie spent many years as the Silk Spectre,  even finding love with one of her fellow Watchmen, Doctor Manhattan.    When the US Government band un registered  Super Heroes, Laurie retired and set up home with her lover the Blue God like Dr Manhattan.

However, as time went on she found it difficult to cope with his changes in personality and slow loss of his Humanity.... as a result Laurie left him and found love again with the Nite Owl.

The Silk Spectre  and the 2nd Silk Spectre is loosely based on the Charlton Comic Character NIGHTSHADE, however they have more in common with The Phantom Lady from the 1940's and the slightly later Black Canary who's characteristics where used in forming both The Original Silk Spectre Sally and her Daughter Laurie.

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